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    Whats an old case worth

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    A few of my 1/43 collection

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    Time to get hay cut

    Hopefully I can get a swather here in the next couple days.
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    Corn crop

    Things are finally growing here last few warm days
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    Missing plate on a 1972 Ford 4500 Diesel Backhoe

    Might be able to look it up on new holland parts and at least get a part number for it . Might be able to build one pretty easily to
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    Brush painting sheet metal?

    Rattle can job I did on my tractor the hood had a big dent where it got caved in when the loader broke pounded it out with a sledge hammer tried a little bondo wasnt to proficient at that but looks better than what it did
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    Cherry picker

    I lifted the back end of Muir hill 101 with loaded tires and wheels weights clear off the ground with my 2000 pound cherry picker with a ten ton hydraulic Jack I wouldnt trust it for very long but it did it
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    Early auto steer system. Deere sold big four tractors out the branch houses for awhile
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    Another arithmetic question

    I know you guys are smart enough to know how to this . If a 235/85/16 has 80 psi in it how much air is inside it or how many square inches is the inside of the air chamber?
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    Rusty tractor

    Looks like it did really good took lots of rust off the grill and the green looks a lot brighter
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    Another arithmetic question

    Its scary airing up any tire
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    4020 clutch recommendations

    Ive got a Deere reman with an A&i puck disc in it for the traction side of it
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    Another arithmetic question

    Ive seen super singles destroy the entire rear end of a semi trailer when they blow
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    Another arithmetic question

    No but when they do it is not good blew one hauling cows yesterday and it lifted the back of my one tone truck with the trailer hooked on I was empty .
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    Finally got my twine discs adjusted

    The road of knotter diagnosis and testing is never fun it seems the like the more you know the less you really do they are simple and complex at the same time and one nut flat tighter or looser can really make a mess of things
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    Another arithmetic question

    Not 100 percent sure how to answer that
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    Another arithmetic question

    More or less just trying to figure out about how much force Is inside the thing at 80 psi lots of questions that Im not sure how to answer. If there is 80 pounds per square inch inside that tire there must be quite a few square inches inside right or wrong ?
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    JD 4010 battery box

    Going to test that theory
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    JD 4010 battery box

    The box comes assembled I just bought one it has latches and brackets are welded on . John Deere will sell the latch separately if you need one

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