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    pulloff maginzne

    i always get a 404 error when i try to go there
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    pto drift

    I'll have to try it on our feed mill, do you know what weight oil to use in the rear end and how much it takes? I don't have a book for this one yet
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    pto drift

    that's why I figured I'd put new oil in it to help reduce that affect, so far with the engine running I cant completely stop the pto
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    pto drift

    I have a 5 star that when running the pto is always turning, I thought the clutch for the pto was stuck but I took it apart and everything is loose, I plan on putting new oil in the rear end. what else would cause the pto to constantly be turning? if i wedge a board alongside it I can slow it down
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    Minnesota pulls

    anyone have a list of Minnesota tractor pulls this summer? locations and dates
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    didnt realize it would do that... its moline parts
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    anyone know if is still in business? I'm having trouble opening the website
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    oliver oc3

    I've got a oc3 crawler with a wells loader that I just got put back together but, I'm missing the throttle lever and linkage, does anyone have a picture of how its set up with the loader so I can build a new one?
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    crankshaft stroking

    what's a good shop in or around Minnesota that can stroke my gb crankshaft to 6.25? hoping to stay local but I can send it out if need be, also what does stroking cost anymore?
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    wiring harness

    anyone know where I can find a wiring harness for a 5 star gas?
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    Painting Basic Questions

    lot of brands and options out there, my advice would be finding a local bodyshop and have them mix it for you if it's your first time. paint is one of those things that typically the more you spend the better the results will be. as far as keeping bugs off the paint I hang bug zappers in our...
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    mag rebuilders

    marks carburetor is one of the best around
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    moline engines

    I though I have to use the rods from the 283, don't they have a smaller journal?
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    Worst tractor you ever drove

    Oliver oc3 with a loader, I'm 6'4" and its the most uncomfortable tractor I've ever been on, even after moving the seat 6" back. other then that its a fun little tractor, just cant imagine using it for a length of time
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    moline engines

    is there any moline guys on here that can guide me in the right direction on my 5 star? I've got a 403 engine that I want to pull the crank and jugs for my 5 star. what do I get the crank ground to and where's the best place to get pistons?
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    5 star questions

    if I use the jugs off of the 403 gb engine and the crank what rods should I use? will the ones from the stock 283 work? also what should I get the crank offset ground to?
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    D2 Caterpillar pony motor fuel lines

    I spent about a month trying to find the same lines last winter without any luck, I'd recommend carefully polishing and cleaning the lines to reuse them. mine were completely blocked and the nuts stripped off but after working on it awhile I got them cleared and just use a visegrip to tighten them.
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    fiberglass help

    has anyone made fiberglass hoods for their tractor? I'm tossing around the idea of making some to replace the tin on my 5 star
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    5 star questions

    finally getting around to working on the 5 star I picked up this summer but I have some questions before I dig too deep into it, this is going to be my dedicated pulling tractor. I've got a crank and blocks out of a gb that I want to use in the five star to get some more power. by doing this...
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    Buzz saw sharpening

    I just got a old mounted buzz saw and the blade looks pretty tough, what's the best way to sharpen one of these or can you still get new ones?

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