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    Hydraulic Remote Valve

    Bingo. AICO valve. Long since out of business.
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    Ford 861 and TSX 769 Carb Issue

    Poor hot restart can be caused by weak spark, old gas, or low compression. Might want to perform a compression test.
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    Sharpen bush hog blades

    Depends upon how one uses one's mowers. Having cleared no ground for over 25 years, I use all of my rough-cut mowers as HD finish mowers. For such usage, sharp blades cut better, require a bit less HP, and use a bit less fuel. Decades ago, when I did cut saplings, I kept an old cutter with dull...
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    Sharpen bush hog blades

    I routinely sharpen rough cut mower blades with a 4.5" angle grinder without removing the blades from the cutter. Simply reach under from behind, and never get beneath mower. Usually takes less than 15 minutes for 2 blades. Of course, I keep my blades sharp, so resharpening is easy. If blades...
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    What brand brush hog this?

    Bingo. IMT, aka WAC, aka International. Once made in Bethel, Ohio. Had a couple.
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    What brand brush hog this?

    IMT. No longer extant.
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    Ford 860 Exhaust Glowing Hot

    Set the ignition timing to spec and verify that the centrifugal advance is working properly.
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    1964 Ford 2000 Industrial - without PTO, without 3-point - any need for hydraulic reservoir under seat to be filled?

    No real need as inside of castings are Glyptol coated to prevent rust. That said, intercompartment seals usually leak allowing oils to migrate between compartments. Furthermore, compartment likely has significant water therein from condensation. Suggest removing drain plug to see what comes out.
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    881 gold

    Agreed. Antique tractor hobby dying rapidly these days.
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    841 Gold demonstrator

    In my opinion, they are as ugly as sin. Much prefer the red/grey.
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    1963 Ford 2000 Hydraulic Filter

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    1963 Ford 2000 Hydraulic Filter

    Once upon a time, Ford offered an optional hydraulic filter package for tractors such as yours but such has not been available for decades. Likelihood of finding one in a salvage yard is about the same as finding a unicorn. Thoroughly clean the sump, add new oil, and live with it.
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    1963 Ford 2000

    Most of the PS systems on these tractors are well worn and many leak. Yes, you can simply remove the belt and continue to drive the tractor if you like. I would be more concerned about the bowed radius rods. This is usually caused by previous use with a FEL. More than likely, the front axle...
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    8N Sherman Trans Question

    If the shifter is one piece cast steel (not rolled steel with screw on knob) it is almost certainly a combination transmission. Move shifter to neutral (mid way between UD (forward) and OD (reaward) to find direct drive by pulling to left side about 3/8" and then rearward.
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    1959 601 Select O Speed

    No way to know from available information. Suggest inspecting shifter mechanism first. Be advised that expensive damage can be done to the shifter and/or PTO cables by improper service techniques. Suggest procuring a proper Ford service manual before attempting to remove shifter cable, PTO...
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    Is there anyone yet around who rebuilds tractor steering wheels?

    Since the demise of Minn-Kota Repair, I know of no one restoring either steering wheels or seat torsion springs.
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    Ford 821.... Found this laying in bellhousing ?

    Part of a starter drive. Discard.
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    Industrial 172 vs 192 differences

    Twenty fewer cubic inches but bolts right in and accessories will bolt up. Industrial engines have provision for mechanical, cam-driven fuel pumps while gravity flow tractor engines do not. Not sure about your marine engine. Be advised that NG and propane engines have about 1.5:1 higher CR due...
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    Brake fluid - need to change?

    Agreed, and the accumulated water will not be in the reservoir but rather the calipers and and/or wheel cylinders. Even bleeding the calipers will not get all of the water from the low spots of the calipers/wheel cylinders.
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    One-Stroke e-REX Engine

    Works for me.

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