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    John Deere plow

    If you look on the beams there should be some numbers if they are 610,611,612 or 613 its a #52 plow. Tom in Mn.
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    It is amazing how naive some people are!!! Long rant.

    One can only wonder how things turned out. Did he do the work required, did the owner sell tractor for parts and did they stay married. LOL. Tom in Mn.
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    Tractor sign

    Looks good Andrew. Suppose I'll see it in McIntosh in August!!
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    Any info on this tractor?

    I guess the consensus is that it’s a 49 year model. In Mr.Thinkers Almanac it actually lists there being 828 gas BN’s made that year. If it’s a dual fuel and from the picture that he provided it doesn’t look like it is then it would be one of 89. But that doesn’t mean that the front wheels...
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    Any info on this tractor?

    Well I guess that somebodys data isn't correct whether its the John Deere Data book which lists 209295-237345 or Mr. Thinker's Almanac which 209925-230043 as 48 models or it could be when they end production for the year and restart of production for the next???? I go with it being a 49.
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    Any info on this tractor?

    According to the first 3 digits that you typed in B233 that would make it a 48. Tom in Mn.
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    Any info on this tractor?

    Hi Ron, I quickly went through the "A" "B" & "D" serial numbers on the resource page up at the top of this page and compared them with the book I was using for my references and see about a half dozen places where the serial numbers don't match whether it is because of incorrect data or fat...
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    Any info on this tractor?

    My information is from the book intitled John Deere Tractor Data Book ( Two-cylinder models through 1960) by Larry Dunning. As far as your "B" it doesn't say that BN's are seperate and like Jim I believe its just a variant. If you get the Green Magazine I think that Mr. Thinker's Almanac which...
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    Any info on this tractor?

    According to my John Deere Data book your "B" is a is a 1948 model. Serial numbers that year are from 209295-237345. 1949 starts with 237346. Tom in Mn.
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    Hey Teddy52 were you ever able to get the sugar beet seed to work on your food plot? If it did were you able to bring in any nice deer to use it?
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    Green Tractors

    Out last fall doing a little plowing with my best friend waiting for me patiently as I take its picture
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    Freezer drain

    Hobo I finally had the chance to look at your picture on a computer not on my phone. That piece that you call a restrictor looks more like a rubber bumper to prevent the a rack from sliding to far to one side or the other. Usually a restrictor is a duck bill at the very end of the drain line...
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    Freezer drain

    It is very common to have this issue in several different brands. Most manufacturers have some sort of heat probe that hangs from the defrost heater into the drain to prevent it from freezing shut. You can use a piece of copper wire or aluminum and stick it into the drain line and attach it to...
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    On a John Deere G, how much width can I save by just removing the rims/tires and loading it on the cast hubs/wheels?

    I moved the rims/tires on my G in about 10" both sides then it fits on my trailer in between the fenders. Guess you'll have to measure the distance that you have between the fenders then go from there. Its not a fun job moving the rims in. Tom in Mn.
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    Average age of user

    69 next month!
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    Tractor parades

    The annual parade in McIntosh Minnesota which usually has between 75-100 tractors I would say that the majority of them are not show queens. I know that my 2 aren't.
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    Oil can help

    Andrew I've seen those cans quite often and they do bring good money at auction sales. That one is alot nicer than most. I don't have any info on them though.
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    Feeling a little proud here

    Nice job Andrew!!
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    Would you read this?

    Andrew maybe you should check with Eric Mickelson the gentleman that writes about auctions in Green Magazine. He has published a 56 page book about growing up on a farm and life around that. He is from Oklee and is a member of our 2 cylinder club. I'm sure that he would be willing to help you...
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    Needing new plowshares

    Google Ploworx they suppossedly have plow shares. I need some for my John Deere plow and have emailed with no response but I'm hoping they close up shop for the winter and go south so they may respond to my inquiry soon. Tom in Mn.

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