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    1066 batterys boiling

    If your voltage readings are accurate it's time for new batteries.
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    PTO Clutch Plug Washer

    Wouldn't be too hard to make one on a drill press with a couple of holesaws.
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    Resistance of fuel sending unit case 580d

    Lacking shop manual info., you may have to remove it and MEASURE the resistance, flow "UP" and float "DOWN". Could be done by filling the tank, then emptying it, as well.
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    Lawnmower starter alternator

    Does the battery/charge light come on? Check for blown fuses and a heat-damaged fuseholder. Check for burned connections where harness from coils under flywheel connects to chassis harness, and at the rectifier/regulator connector. Here's some troubleshooting info, note the...
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    I've never found an arrowhead, but several stone hammers and axe heads heads have been found on my land here in north central N.D.. Makes a guy wonder what was "whacked" with them in their time!
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    Mercury dawn-to-dusk won't shut off

    You are most welcome, glad you got it worked out, and good for you for posting back, it may help someone with a similar problem that finds this thread in and archive search.
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    Misfiring Massey

    You've reinvented the "Spark Intensifier"! There's been lots of threads on here over the years about them. Link to a recent thread: (In addition to the good advice you've gotten from others, a lean...
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    Lawnmower starter alternator

    "conventional stater" is typo, meany "conversational STARTER".
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    Lawnmower starter alternator

    Looking at the parts catalog for the GX345 at the John Deere parts side all I see is a conventional stater (4) and under-flywheel alternator (5), I don't see any options or serial number breaks. One of us is missing something here.
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    Internation 4500A Fork Lift - Brake Cable Needed

    There are numerous places that can "build" a brake cable from scratch based on a drawing and measurements. Several years ago I had non-obtainium brake cables made up for a Jacobson turf truck, and the company did a great job, they fit perfectly. I don't have the name of the Co. at hand, and it...
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    OBD follow up

    "The thermostat fails to fully seat closed, the temp doesn't get up in time, the ECM sets the code." X 2 to that. The odds are probably over 90% it's time for a new T-stat. Sometimes (often) it's the simple things!
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    Inner tube

    Drill a new hole on the hidden/back side to accommodate the tube. There's valve stem plugs available for the old/unused hole.
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    Removing old shutoff valve from old water pipe

    Using a second hammer held against the opposite side of the fitting, tap in a circle around the brass fitting, go around several times, more if needed. This will expand/swell the brass away from the steel nipple, releasing the valve from the line so it will easily unscrew.
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    1963 John Deere 2010 Crawler Dozer Distributor Options

    Looks to me like you've got a Prestolite IBT-4001 distributor. If it's got the insulated "tab" that you see in the lower right-of-center of the photo where the points spring and condenser wire attach that's a dead giveaway that it's a Prestolite, and I THINK I am seeing that in your...
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    alternater for farmall b

    GOOGLE "mini alternator". $43 and up. Typically, Hitachi or Nippendenso "clones".
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    What do we have here?

    <img src = ""> (Found on the 'net with no accompanying info.)
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    ridge reamer

    Bore is 2-5/8".
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    Bob washer

    All sorts of videos on the "Tube". "Setting up a DANA 44 Axle" One problem is that the bearings with the shims behind them press on so DARNED hard and have to be PULLED off a time or 3 when setting up the bearing preload and gear backlash. Shops that do a lot of them have a set of new bearings...
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    What is it?

    It's a tool for pinching off or "rerounding" refrigeration tubing. I can't find a reference to the "Chicago No 5 thing", but "Imperial Brass" in Chicago makes similar tools and sells them even today. Tool

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