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  1. Ohio88

    Super 77 diesel

    I have the Oliver service manual and do not see any torque for the energy cells.
  2. Ohio88

    Super 77 diesel

    Thank you
  3. Ohio88

    Super 77 diesel

    Is there is torque spec for the energy cells?
  4. Ohio88

    Computer question

    Every now and then I get an offer to buy office one time fee of 59 dollars. Bought one a number of years ago and it still works. Also found them on ebay. When you down load it you login to Microsoft for the license. It solves the doc issue.
  5. Ohio88

    600 Series Cultivator

    I got the wrong form. It is on the Oliver Tractors Fleetline and Super forums. Located near Versailles Ohio. Posted Mar 4.
  6. Ohio88

    600 Series Cultivator

    There is one in the Oliver owners on Facebook.
  7. Ohio88

    Antique hay rake

    I used a Yorkrake when clearing. It did not get everything but it DI get about 60+% of what was there. It sure saved on the back when pickup time came.
  8. Ohio88

    Your Feedback Needed

    Rename today’s tractors and set suggestions on what years in the forums. I.E. Modern tractors 1990 to current. Antique tractors 1989 and earlier
  9. Ohio88

    Bush hog 3pt to Pull type conversion

    If it is that overgrown and you want to use the B then raise it up several inches, mow it wait a few day so the cut stuff can dry and mow it lower. After a couple tries you will have it where you want it.
  10. Ohio88

    Wheel spacing for plowing

    I know the hitch can be moved mine is as close to center as I can get.
  11. Ohio88

    Wheel spacing for plowing

    Definitely need to move the hitch on your plow. Do you have a manual?
  12. Ohio88

    Update on KCM

    Thank you for the update.
  13. Ohio88

    Daily Photos

    Miss his puzzles, I could do them on the iPad but the ones major man does are 140 piece and are very difficult to do on the iPad screen. Have been wishing KCM well for all he is going through, it is really hard.
  14. Ohio88

    Compression tester

    Boy am I getting old. I had a compression tester that work on the super 88. Now I cannot find it, must have lent it but do not remember. Two question what is the adapter that i had and where can I get one? Will the same one work on 77 and 88, I think it did but it has been too long. I...
  15. Ohio88

    Compression tester

    Well I know where my injector side compression adapter went. Lent it to a man and he didn't return it and now he is gone and so is my adapter.
  16. Ohio88

    Super 77 castings

    This Super 77 diesel has been worked on. The head is orange. I wanted to check the casting numbers but do not have a source. The block has the following numbers; 1M100B 185220B and 7201. The head has the numbers 1M 180 H, 186402 Where can I find the casting number?
  17. Ohio88

    Back to the drawing board

  18. Ohio88

    NH 77 baler still making square ones....

    Man I loaded a lot on f bales behind one of those. We started with the manual tie wire bales, I was too small to handle those bales but when we got the 76 I was older and spent ever other load helping load the wagon. The other job was in the mow when the wagon was unloaded. Memories, Thank You!
  19. Ohio88

    USPS Rant Update

    So I am waiting on a part. It left Louisville KY. Went to Florida, spent 3 days in the sun and now sets in Cincinnati, OH, hopefully on its way to Dayton.
  20. Ohio88

    Ollie keeps saving us

    Great story to go with the tractor.

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