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  1. bumblebee

    What is it worth?

    I think you might have me confused with someone else because I never said it was not running.
  2. bumblebee

    What is it worth?

    This tractor is owned by me in South Dakota and is used as a lawn ornament. 100l years old next year!
  3. bumblebee

    What is it worth?

    This is a 1925 10-20 that runs. I don’t have lugs for wheels.
  4. bumblebee

    Thinking About A New Tractor

    I don't know anything about your tractor. I can tell you that I own a 2320 diesel 25 horse. Mine was made in Japan and I suspect yours is also. Bottom line---------I sure would like to talk to the people that designed mine. I can't say many things nice about it, wished I never bought it.
  5. bumblebee

    10-20 McCormick value

    I have an earlier post about adjusting valves, thanks for helping me out. Next question, if I get it running, whats a decent price to ask? It has steel wheels with lugs taken out of the rears. The rear wheels are the type that have about twice as many spokes in them, not very common around...
  6. bumblebee

    1925 10-20 McCormick

    This tractor is a yard ornament and was last run about 7 years ago. I would like to adjust the valves. It has one cylinder with very good compression and the other 3 being fairly weak. As most of you know, I determined this by cranking. Question----What would be the easiest way for me to...
  7. bumblebee

    971 Ford serial number

    As some of you know, the serial number is located below the battery location and over the years the number is no longer visible. Is there another way to determine what the number is or what year the tractor is. Tractor came from factory painted gold, will that tell what year it is? As always...
  8. bumblebee

    R John Deere

    Anyone want to give me some ideas on value of a Model R?? Tractor is in its works clothes and has sat for several years in a lean to. It was used to landscape owners' property before he built a new home. The tractor has a large heavy dozer and a ripper on the back. Every once in a while, the...
  9. bumblebee

    971 Ford Diesel

    I forgot to mention that it is a high crop with wide front end.
  10. bumblebee

    971 Ford Diesel

    Anyone on here that is familiar with this particular tractor? I would like to heart your comments, both good and bad. This 971 has a select o speed transmission and I am told that it was originally painted gold which was to commemorate a certain year? Tractor is currently painted red and gray...
  11. bumblebee

    JD 2320 HST question

    I have the JD belly mower that goes with this particular model. Some smooth wire from the neighbor ended up on my property and I mowed into it. It wound around the blades and I shut the mower off immediately. After clearing all the wire the blades turn freely but the mower won't run when I...
  12. bumblebee

    Friday tractor

    Anyone on here that has a Friday tractor or is interested in its history?
  13. bumblebee

    lugnuts 2030

    Hi, I tried to find the seal lube by NU tech on ebay and didn't have any luck, can you help me?
  14. bumblebee

    Dakota people- need help

    The extra bales are the result of a very wet year which produced a lot of hay. It is not uncommon to see hay stacked outside eventually end up unusable after a few years, don't understand this practice. Tires on fence posts which say NO HUNTING are generally used because they last a long time...
  15. bumblebee

    Model agency wants to photograph my tractors.

    Did you offer to let your wife take part in the photo event? You need some lessons on how to barter with a wife.
  16. bumblebee

    Funny local sayings

    With the stock market doing its thing I might as well sell the chit house cause I lost my azz.
  17. bumblebee

    Going down with the ship

    I have been through about three and have always stayed in and come out way ahead. If you cash in now you will have lost, you have to have some ice water in your veins and a little bourbon usually helps!
  18. bumblebee

    First time no JD combines in our harvest plans!!

    If you changed to Perhaps you should change to JDkiller! You sound like you have farming figured out better than most, don't let this keep you up at night. I have a friend...
  19. bumblebee

    JD 2320 utility fluid level

    I changed the hydraulic fluid and filter on my 2320 that has 205 hours on it. It seemed like an overkill but that's what the manual said to do. The JD dealer sold me the parts needed, unfortunately the fluid has no color while the old fluid was red and easy to see in the site glass. Manual...
  20. bumblebee

    Testing battery under load

    If I check the voltage on my GM Pickup with a 5.3 engine at the same time that I am cranking it, what should the voltage be? How low can the voltage get before the battery is probably needing to be replaced. This is on a 2017 Silverado. Thanks.

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