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    DC hand holes.

    I just ran out and took some pictures. So the 4 inch piston comes through holes easily on DC but does not fit through a 1930 C hole. Maybe later C/CCs. The 1930 C in the picture has never had the head off and previous owner pulled pistons out bottom around 50 years ago according to his son. You...
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    DC hand holes.

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    DC hand holes.

    You can reinstall the 3 7/8 pistons with new rings. If you look at the original 3 7/8 sleeves there is a bottom taper to help compress the rings as it goes back up. The 4 inch sleeves are bored big enough you can barely see the taper. 4 1/6 inch sleeves have no interior taper at all. I also...
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    DC hand holes.

    Actually they were to remove pistons through them. That why they’re diamond shaped. The 3 7/8inch piston comes out easily. The 4 inch piston is really tight and the 4 1/16 piston need grinding of the cast iron on the pan just a little. Done 5 DC rebuilds with pan on. 3 I did the pan had to come...
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    DC Piston

    So I showed you guys the corroded piston from the 1950 DC I’ve been working on. I think it only had a hundred or so hours on new sleeves and pistons when it was parked. No ring groove at all on sleeves 1&2. #3 piston was at the top but corroded and bottom of sleeve looked good so I was hoping...
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    Bad miss

    Have you cleaned the air cleaner lately. Black smoke and dies on throttle up, sounds like not enough air. That’s where I would start.
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    LA Project

    Yep intake and carb and wico mag. Still figuring out new forum so I accidentally post below the L below Still a good deal I think.
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    LA Project

    Yep. Intake carb and a wico mag. Had to get a couple intake exhaust clamps from don livingston. With new rubber you got a better deal. And looks nicer too
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    LA Project

    Kind of slow and stuck inside so I’ll post some pictures. I’m not sure if I already posted but I got this LA this summer for $250. Plus $200 for pretty good tires and tubes. And it’s loose with compression. Not sure if they were trying to part it out or what. But hope to have it running this...
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    Sorry! Had to call in a green machine

    That’s okay. I get it. Had to go jumpstart my daughter’s car this morning at negative 16 degrees. Sometimes we have to do things that aren’t pleasant like call a green machine for help.
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    It’s a First for me

    Got several parts tractors but thanks for the offer.
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    It’s a First for me

    Yes aluminum. We’ve parted out several and I even have new sleeve and piston sets I’ve bought over the years. But I’ll still be getting a hold of Saeli when I figure out what parts I need. Sleeve orings gaskets etc. I have a 1930 C with cast pistons that corroded almost as bad but that was...
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    It’s a First for me

    I got this 1950 DC about 7-8 years ago and been sitting in the shed since. I figure it sat outside about 20-25 years before that. I’m not sure if some dumped some concoction in the spark plug hole but the 3rd cylinder piston was so corroded it actually went through the piston. 1-2 piston and...
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    as a kid

    When a 5 or 6 my father worked on 2 DCs. The heads came off and found they were stuck and they sat for 10 years. But that whole time my older brother and I would sit on them and act like we were farming. But my first actual drive was when I was 11. 830 eh COM high tin. My older brother showed me...
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    1957 400

    Pride in their work and pride in their product. Hard to find back then.non-existent today. Love seeing that eagle. Tells me it was a good product
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    Case power on the sawmill

    Nice to give that big old motor a work out once in awhile. Thanks for posting
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    Holstein verses Angus steers value

    Im not sure if your buying or selling or what part of the country youre in? But in western Iowa usually angus will bring close to twice as much as a Holstein.(or at least 50%higher) Meat, rate of gain, marbling and hide all more valuable on a black angus. If you get towards Wisconsin or other...
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    DC and SC $$

    Bought a running DC4 in central iowa 7 years ago for $550. Clean plain running SC in west central iowa last year over $2500 at auction. (I didnt buy it). Just depends on who shows up and how bad they want it. One old gentleman told me at an auction 30 years ago. When two idiots meet at an...
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    dc case fenders

    This is a 1950 my son did and has the older fenders but they look right. Im not sure when the serial number switch occurred
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    dc case fenders

    Are you wanting to stay original to the year or if you dont care, its probably a lot easier to find earlier fenders. Ribbed fenders usually rusted out and lost support then got tossed. 1943-1949 fenders are easier to find and still look right.

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