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    605 power plant on a sawmill

    I always heard that one could not mix Impco and Ensign components. When I switch to Inpco I use both the regulator and the carb
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    605 power plant on a sawmill

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    MM Bf Propeller Shaft universal joint repair.

    GL is still with us, has some medical issues right now, I'll look to see if I can find any info, I still have some NAPA books from the 80s. Shame they deon't keep any of these books at NAPA stores nowadays
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    RTI Military

    I'd say put the flag on it, makes it complete!
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    445 engine parts

    Welters 417-496-6496, River Dale 920-295-3278, Chris Quatman 612-751-8139 are good sources also
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    Brakes looking for 6 inch disc 26 spline for a 1958 uts

    Try Welters for new 417-498-6496 for new. Riverdale Farm Shop 920-295-3278, Chris Quatman 613-751-8139, Billy Montgomery 573-864-3475, Mike Ahlers 507-360-6748 for used. There are others also but I'm tired of typing lol
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    red paint code name mm uts

    It's called "Cherry Red", can't find my paint codes right now, they were from the 70s & 80s anyway, 90T 540 I think was the enamel code for mixed NAPA back in the day
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    Pierce governor

    You'll also need an adapter to go between the governor and the crankcase
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    MM Emblem

    I would try Clint Stamm, 785-541-0062 Looks like Jay Groskreutz has them listed in the recent MM Corresponder, 507-462-3661
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    Can I use a Jet Star 3 starter on the original Jet Star?

    My rebuilder can transform a 1 bolt starter to a solinoid, try a local one,
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    1952 MM U tractor restoration

    If you can give us the heads casting number, we can tell you what original compression ratio is
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    1952 MM U tractor restoration

    Compression is determined by the head casting number, I had a 6v generator rebuilt as a 12v, it was expensive, around $250, also got a 12v regulator from NAPA that could be used either positive or negative ground, an alternator would have been easier but I couldn't find one that I liked the...
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    M-M Engine ID

    I have near perfect owner/operator/maintenance manual for that engine, don't have a clue as to how to put pictures on here.
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    MY-40 MM Forklift

    What motor is in that? White I understand, but which one?
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    5 star questions

    you should to use the 403 rods and pistons, then you don't have to grind the crank
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    Minneapolis Moline Model V or BF Avery Model V

    The MM V had a grill emblem with MM on it, the Avery had a grill emblem with Avey on it
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    Minneapolis Moline U Power Steering

    a picture sure would help, they used Behlen and Char-Lynn aftermarket in 1951
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    Couple of mine.

    nice tractors, I had a restored ZT just like that about 20 years ago
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    Moline plow...

    I'd say it's a model AF, only see 2 main beams and the 3rd is an add on, with the extra brace bar across the top

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