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    Points question.

    Phenolic is plastic. Not all platic is the sanme
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    Who sells the best QUALITY condensers?

    I'm like OLD. I don't change the condenser.
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    To in, or not to in, this is the question. Fuel tank recommendations.

    A new gas tank is one replacement part that makes sense. I have one from YT in one of my tractors. Fit and works well.
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    39 9N?

    Not a '39, They had a pop in battery door. Hinged lid came in 1940.
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    I Defected

    I like my Fords, but my goto tractor when work needed to be done was an L3410. Owned it for 25 years. Never did anything to except change the fluids and filters. Did not need to change the points or convert it to twelve volts either!!
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    Oil coming out of dipstick tube, oil fill tube smoking

    Blow by, If you lucky, MM Oil might free up sticking rings. Otherwise a rebuild.
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    8N Won't Start

    Send me an email at [email protected]
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    8N Won't Start

    If he has good spark, the problem is not in the distributor. If this were my problem, I would switch a carb from a known running tractor to rule out a problem in the carb. I realize that not every one has the luxury of more than one N. I keep a spare carb on the shelf. It is not for sale but I...
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    1948 8N rebuild progress

    Lots of discussions on pros and cons of 12 volt conversion. Your choice. There is no right or wrong here. The twelve volt conversion kit sold on this site works well. At one time I owned 11 vintage Ford tractors. I am down to onl;y 3 now. I did most of the work myself but I was fortunate to work...
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    Replace clutch assembly on 8n

    Is the clutch in backwards?
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    1948 8N steering

    I put 00 grease in my '48. Stopped the leak.
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    Tim Daley passsing

    Very sorry to hear this. I always read Tim's posting plus we corresponded by personal email many time. He will be missed. Condolences to his family.
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    1948 n8 front mounted distributor?

    Testing the coil is not the same as checking for spark.
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    1948 n8 front mounted distributor?

    If you reversed the polarity it should still run. The braided cable goes to ground. Originally that was the positive post on the battery. Do you have spark? That is the question you need to answer.
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    1944 2N throttle question

    If your throttle quadrant is worn like mine, I would say your tractor is working the way it should.
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    39 9N new toy

    Send me an email at [email protected] and I will send you a picture of my generator.
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    Clutch Hold-Down tools?

    Blocks of wood work for me.
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    39 9N new toy

    Sent you an email, I will send you pics that afternoon,
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    39 9N new toy

    Sorry, I do not have a small pulley or a small generator. All gone.
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    39 9N new toy

    Not sure if anyone above mentioned hinged battery cover. That would make it a 40 or 41. I have a six volt genny if you want to make it more original.

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