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    2N parts?

    The third brush adjustment gear on the inside looks like this. It is an early 8N10000 generator, but the brush adjustment mechanism should be the same. The small gear on the upper right moves the brush on the right side of the picture.
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    I am missing ICM and now Majorman . Does anyone have an update ??

    Under Preferences, "Always filter by First message" made the puzzles disappear.
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    absolutely frustrated

    When you go to put it back together, the forks need to be spread and can be just as difficult to put together as they were to take apart. A 3 5/8 inch stick is about the right size to wedge them open enough to do either job more easily. Something like a piece of a paint stirrer, thick enough to...
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    Please identify this generator??

    It is not often that I would deign to correct Tim because I learned everything I know about these generators from Tim. I this case I think there is a typo, which can happen to anyone. Early 9Ns and all 2Ns require the Round Can Cutout. 8Ns did have regulators. I might add that as Tim has said...
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    Cheap Carbs

    Is this shown in the picture labelled orf? If so, where is that? There was an amazon review that said the uphill problem was fixed by drilling out a hole or holes, but I couldn't make enough sense out of that description to figure out which holes the review was describing. Hobo, you said...
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    Cheap Carbs

    Is there any defective part in the chinese carb that can account for the inability to go uphill forward? It is a common problem with them. I have one tat will not clime a 5° slope forward, and has a very hard time accelerating in 3rd, especially with the high range (Sherman). Reverse is no...
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    Anyone Have A Photo Of The Rare Sherman Cylinder Head?

    The area around the valves is slightly shallower and a lot wider. Could that restrict air flow?
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    Bucket top vacuum cyclones, do they work?

    I have had very similar results with an old version old the small Dust deputy. It works very well with a shop vac. . There is a slightly larger one now for a 2.5" vacuum hose that might be worth the money Static...
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    Handy Tool

    You have to read the labels on the shower cleaners carefully to avoid acid and there aren't many. Look for EDTA in the fine print. Seems every time I go to buy some the store has a different brand. I used travetine tile in my shower, which is a limestone type material like marble and grout. Any...
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    Vise Location on Workbench

    My daughter has a small machinists vise on her luthier's' bench mounted on a piece of 3/4 inch plywood. There is a row of dog holes near the front edge, so the vise can go anywhere. Bolting through the dog holes with nuts and washers on the underside makes it easy to move with no extra holes...
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    I don't know what to do with this battery pack

    I would think that the corrosion was caused be a leaking cell. How old is it? I think they have a 2 yr warranty according to this thread: The old NiMH ones could be rebuilt by soldering up a bunch of new sub C cells with solder tabs...
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    2N basket case/ Just shoot me.

    Is that ALL? You can shoot me too. I sold a mechanically restored 9N in NH for short money and bought a freshly painted one that will cost me more to restore to the same condition than you paid for shipping. The one I sold was purchased used by my grandfather in the early 40s. My dad should have...
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    Anyone Have A Photo Of The Rare Sherman Cylinder Head?

    Screen shot from the n tractor club
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    Weld and recut brake drums?

    There is one used drum for $200 from Tractor parts asap. This is the first time I have seen anyone considering welding cast iron where the consensus was not "forget it, cast iron will crack"
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    Wednesday Wagons

    Anyone know about the one hoss shay? Ash, Oak and Hornbeam, but no hickory. I read a book about plant collectors from Kew Gardens. There is a surprising lack of tree diversity in England. The authors were botanists, not adventure writers. They could describe a trek through the mountains that...
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    tire replacement

    Cast iron can be a lot more brittle in cold weather. You have to be even more careful when the iron temperature is near and below freezing. Ductile brittle transition temperature.
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    1939 9N Generator

    Tim, Which circuit can be damaged by using the lights? The original VR, NAA VR or the generator? Neither VR looks like it was designed to fit the 9N tractor. It shouldn't be too hard to make an adapter plate.
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    Closing old Off-topic threads

    Well, having made an off-topic reply about day late and a dollar short replies, I can only make it worse by posting a screenshot. It might be possible to talk to the site administrators over there if they have the same software.
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    Closing old Off-topic threads

    There is a boat design forum that has a warning on an old thread that it is probably not a good idea to respond, suggesting a new post would be more appropriate. It also gives you the option to check a box to say that you understand and that believe that your response should still be attached to...
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    1939 9N Generator

    I don't believe it. I searched VOLTAGE REGULATOR Ford # FAL-10505-A and found one for $125 on link to fleabay Says NOS. The part number is from this old thread. Ford parts ASAP has a B circuit regulator that MAY work. I would definitely defer to Tim on this. I can search the internet, but...

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