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    Tornado Damage

    FYI So everyone knows where I have been. Friday at 5:46 PM the town of Minden Iowa got hit with a Tornado with Est. wind speeds of 262 mph. The majority of main street is ruined. 75% of the eastern 1/3 of the town is gone and I truly mean gone as in it isn't there. I have two homes in the other...
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    Dealer correction for Don 5-2-24

    Don You have a dealer listed as Raymond Dunn Bladen Nebr It should be Raymond Donn Bladen Nebr I found this on a mirror given away by dealers as a gift.
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    A late Christmas Present OT

    I saw ZZ Top on Sturgis years ago.
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    What is this?

    I don't think that is a JD plow
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    Tool Wars

    I have a spring compressor that compresses the spring that holds the door open on a older GM vehicle. Anyone that has ever tried to install that spring will know how important they are in reinstalling that spring
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    Dealer for Don 4-6-24

    O'Neil Implement Co. Garnett Kansas Don I found this on a Mirror that dealers gave away as a Thank You gift.
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    Massey Ferguson 65

    I found a Massey 65 Ferguson gas setting outside for what appears to be 5 years. Exhaust is covered, Tires are good and up, Paint is a repaint but looks good but starting to weather, Seat cover and cushions are shot, Three point arms are in the down position, Steering and brake pedals seem...
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    Tool Wars

    A special Snap On wrench for holding the upper rear shock absorber bolts on a 1975-76 GM station wagon car
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    Tool Wars

    A Snap On tool for setting Caster on a 1968 - 1969 Chevy Impala.
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    Dealer for Don 4-1-24

    South End Garage WM. Stiers J I Case Dealer Rhineland Mo. Don I found this on a match book cover. Gerald
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    Looking for a new toy

    I'm on my fourth Polaris Ranger and wouldn't even consider anything else.
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    Dealer for Don

    Wiswell Implement Co. Sublette Kansas Ph 111 Don I found this on a ink pen.
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    Dealer List

    Don I deleted your dealer list out of my file. Could you please resend me a list. Thanks Gerald
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    Dealer for Don

    J. W. Lowell, Farm Machinery Dillon Montana Don I found this on a Post Card
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    What am I doing wrong???

    Thanks Refresh not Reset
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    What am I doing wrong???

    Where is my browser's reset button????
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    What am I doing wrong???

    Why is when I read a post and then go back maybe a couple hours later it is still Highlighted as a New Post as if I never read it. What am I doing wrong. Thanks Gerald
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    Revised Case Dealer list

    Don Please send me the list. Thanks Gerald

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