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  1. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    Gleaner K Variable Reel Speed Driven Sheave

    Very much appreciate the follow-up post. Very few do that and it really helps those that in the future that search for information on the same problem.
  2. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    Allis Chalmers 3 bottom Roll-Over Plow

    I guess I didn't make my post as clear as I should have. I only have regular plows, two 74's (one 3 point, one Snap Coupler) and a 73 (snap coupler). I have regular tail wheels on all 3 - they easily bolt to the last bottom frame. My dad had a 73 with a long landslide on the back bottom...
  3. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    Allis Chalmers 3 bottom Roll-Over Plow

    Does the tail wheel look like this? All 3 of my current 70 series plows have bolt on tail wheels but the one my father had when I was a kid did not. It had the long landslide on the back bottom instead. Those tail wheels do not look like the one here in this picture.
  4. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    Allis Chalmers 3 bottom Roll-Over Plow

    Allis made 70 and 80 series plows as hydraulic roll-over's along with the regular mounted plows. If your regular mounted plow is a 70 or 80 series and they look the same I think you have your answer.
  5. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    Trying to figure out a D17 hydraulic issue...

    Check hydraulic oil using the dipstick with a hex head to the front and left of the transmission gear shift lever. D17 Series IV takes 24 quarts in that compartment (separate from the transmission which is the dipstick ahead and to the right of the gear shift). Also make sure both those rear...
  6. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    Trying to figure out a D17 hydraulic issue...

    Bob - my 1965 D17 Series IV Snap Coupler had it's feelings hurt when I showed it your comment. LOL! :LOL:
  7. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    Black ink only printer

    I got lucky and found a nicer Canon laser printer on clearance at Walmart last year for $39 instead of $119. Extra toner cartridge on clearance for $19 instead of $75. It's much faster than the inkjet, only downside it's USB cable hookup only, no WiFi or Ethernet connection. I also have a...
  8. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    How many people still fill a grease gun by hand, from a 5 gal pail? Pushing grease to the bottom of the gun with a flat piece of wood. Stan

    My dad loaded grease guns that way wooden stick and all so I learned how to do it growing up. But when I bought our family farm from my parents when I turned 30 (in late 1995) I have only used grease cartridges. But I have used that skill that last couple Woods 121 cutter needs...
  9. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    New Hampshire

    I was up skiing with my two oldest sons in early January at Bretton Woods (across from the Mt Washington Hotel and at Attitash in North Conway. We just stayed at an AirBnB condo as we had 5 in our party altogether. Here’s a couple pics of the hotel from Bretton Woods and Mt Washington from...
  10. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    AC corn picker parts

    Is this a mounted cornpicker like a 150/170/190 picker? They used to be available from Agco about 10-15 years ago, have not looked lately.
  11. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    D15 Series 2 brakes

    Well it was a link to Rick Cordor's post over on the Allis site. He's an expert at Allis tractor breaks. I saw you posted over there too and someone gave you the same info. Let us know if Rick was able to help you.
  12. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    D15 Series 2 brakes

    Sent you an e-mail.
  13. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    interesting phenomenon

    Butch - God help me if they put a Rural King close to me...nearest is 100 miles east of me right now. Orscheln sold out to Tractor Supply and I haven't set foot in one in two months since the local ones whole store clearance sales ended and the conversion started.
  14. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    D17 choke

    First, remove the air intake hose from the carb and inspect the choke butterfly in the carb intake to be sure the choke is on when you think it's on. On a M/S carb, it is possible to have the arm put on upside down so when you pull the choke out the choke is off instead of being on. Found...
  15. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    F2 Gleaner grease zerks

    There is only one grease zerk on my F2's on the sprocket/sheave with chain that runs up to the cab that you hand crank for the cylinder speed. That's what the parts book shows too.
  16. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    She's gone

    So sorry for your loss. God's grace be with you and your family in this difficult time.
  17. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    Power director trans

    I have an 8030 2WD power director. I never attempt to shift the 5-speed transmission on the go. It was not designed for that. Yes, starting a load in high range 4th or 5th gear is a challenge with a load. I do run a 300 bu grain cart on my 8030 (it's my biggest tractor) but I run it in...
  18. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    converting trailer with fenders

    What are you hauling that needs a deck-over? If it's something driving on, this idea won't work. IF it's setting something on the trailer (implement, combine head, etc), then you could custom build a few wood pallet-like platforms the same width of the bed that fit between the fenders that...
  19. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    Another Ratchet

    I have one of those from HF! Yes has come in a handy a few rare times getting to something on a vehicle engine.
  20. Skyhighballoon(MO)

    Question on F2 Gleaner Corn Plus

    Bob had it right.

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