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    Camper trailer

    About a year ago my son bought an old fifth wheel camper and we went through the work of converting it to a long trailer for transporting cars, small tractors, etc. as you described. After using it several times he sold it because it simply was not strong and pulled very wickedly down the road.
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    Minimum GPM for Loader Question

    Finally, after 60 years of operating a loader with two sticks, I got a loader with the one lever on the pedestal. Believe me when I tell you that I would never go back to the multiple levers.
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    Poll or old members

    I still look at the forums almost daily, but it seems that when I have something to add that lots of others have beaten me to it!
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    Ford 8n

    They do make 6 volt alternators for older vehicles such as my model A Ford, but they are rare. If you have one of these they will be positive ground, so polarization is important to watch.
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    Finding the model number when all identifying plates are

    This switch sounds just like the 1948 John Deere M we had. The B is for just the back light to illuminate and has nothing to do with the PTO
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    Fuel injector settings

    A Ford of that vintage would have a 172 cubic inch engine and be carbureted, so I do not see any need for any injectors.
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    Ford 700 Series 3 Point Hitch Won't Work

    Does it have the older style vane pump? If so, it probably needs to be primed by adding fluid to the pump to get it to perform.
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    White Farm Equipment in Charles City....

    My brother was an engineer working on the production of the 4-150, especially the transmission. The museum for Oliver is located at Charles City, also.
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    Worker shortage

    I now live in New Ulm, MN, a small city of about 14000. This town was settled by Germans from Ulm, Germany, in the middle 1800's and still has a lot of German heritage. We have a POW camp only about a block from the city boundary. During the war this was one place the Germans wanted to be as the...
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    How did I let this happen

    Fast Farmall; I may be spoiling your meal, but Grain Belt has not brewed in St. Paul for quite some time. Schell brewing or New Ulm, MN, now brews it and follows the Grain Belt closely to still give us the flavor we remember.
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    dealerships in your home town/county old time

    I grew up between the towns of New Ulm and Courtland, located along the Minnesota River in Minnesota. The smaller of the two was Courtland, who had a Massey-Ferguson dealer. He sold a number of tractors, but more manure spreaders and balers. The larger town had so many dealers of implements that...
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    tractor- best buy-worst buy

    The best tractor I ever purchased was a Ford 971. I did a lot of baling back in those days and the PTO was used a lot, but it never gave us any trouble handling the JD 24t baler. The worst one was an AC WD45 which is now at my son's place. I got a good buy on it in 2011 and then proceeded to put...
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    question for the old john deere people

    Our neighbors, who were one of the biggest operators around, drove John Deere tractors exclusively, but when the new generation JD's came out they figured that it was too much change, so they switched to some Fords and other brands. They even asked if John Deere would make a 730 out of parts...
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    Jubilee Hyd pump

    I had the same situation on a Jube I owned. I inquired about changing to the better pump and was told that it was necessary to change the lines as well. I finally put on a new vane pump although I would rather have had the better pump.
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    OT some birds

    Do you have any Cowbirds in your area? They are famous for putting their eggs in some other bird's nest and when their eggs hatch the newborn will probably be larger than the other hatchlings and be able to kill or starve the correct offspring.
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    Most durable aftermarket loaders?

    We had a Fordson Major with a Davis Industrial loader on our farm and used it to do regular work such as loading manure, but also did a lot of stone digging with it and it never gave us a lick of trouble. We did, however, add power steering because the bucket was large and we routinely filled...
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    My first reaction to your statement is that the starter switch has not released from the last time you tried to start it. I assume you have the push-down type of starter switch which, when it works correctly, will ground the wire to the relay and activate the starter. Chances this relay has...
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    Jubilee No Start

    One extra thing that can add to the confusion on those Fords is a small clip that attaches to the shaft of the distributor after you install the dust plate and before the rotor is installed. Without the clip the rotor kind of dances around in there and can raise heck with the rotor and cap.
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    Celiac Disease

    Both my wife and her older sister have it. They are both nurses so most people would expect them to be aware of such a condition, but in reality both of them lived with poor nutrient absorption and low hemoglobin readings until they were in their 40's. Now that they both changed to a gluten-free...
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    Need advice from a Redneck engineer

    George: If you have access to the latest issue of Farm Show magazine, take a look at the two examples of such a hookup on page 16. One guy named Larry Drader specially made a side mounted mower for ditch banks.

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