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  1. urbancase

    Zero turn mower

    Nothing else call some larger mower shops, we have one in my area as he got a few old mows that you can get parts from.
  2. urbancase

    batwing mower

    I have a 15 foot rhino and might be the same one you are looking but don't remember the number. good machine and not had a problem with it. its heavy as the shed i park mine in i ended up put concreate slab down so the jack don't sink.
  3. urbancase

    Tractor sign

    Looks good, you done well.
  4. urbancase

    Tell me about "the 80's"

    that's the part i remember the whole deal with wheat, i remember things were tight and dad was in his mid 60's at the time. i started taking over in the mid eighty's as dad need more help and was not a person to upgrade equipment so i started.
  5. urbancase

    Pitting repair.

    i had rear fender that was badly pitted on one side, sanded all the paint off then used body filler. then sanded and repeated a few times. primer and painted and still looks good. its has 9 years on the restoration.
  6. urbancase

    Have you ever ran a Shaper?

    I did in machine shop one time for a project as we had too. Been over 40 years ago.
  7. urbancase

    Calcium or No?

    I replaced 2 sets of rims in the past few years due to damage from the cal fluid, new rims get weights. Not messing with it.
  8. urbancase

    Chisel plow

    was told many years ago for a mold board plow 15 hp, chisel 25 and a ripper 50 hp per shank. i never tried with my 706 d, i pulled a 7 shank with a 1466. and lot depends on your ground, we have a lot of clay it pulls harder.
  9. urbancase

    Looking for a new toy

    Yes and that is the big selling point to me, 3 speed auto. Never had a problem.
  10. urbancase

    Looking for a new toy

    wife wants a new one with 4 seats so she can take grandkids for rides and i keep my old one for farm use, what i priced is between 18 to 23K . good luck!
  11. urbancase

    Looking for a new toy

    Honda is what I have close to 1000 hours on it almost all farm and wood cutting. Had to rebuild the steering few years ago due to bad seal. Had Polaris products and in my book not as good.
  12. urbancase

    Fixing paint job

    I not a expert but learned after doing a few, on sheet metal i sand everything then use a paint sealer and do 2 coats, then 2-3 coats of primer and wet sand last coat with 400 sand paper, then paint 2-4 coats and wet sand the second last coat. Been using automotive grade paint with a hardner in...
  13. urbancase

    Grease gun

    I had the same problem but it was combine season and did have time to mess with it got a new gun, read this I did it out and try a few things.
  14. urbancase

    Is it worth the bother to save

    I have saved worse tractors and made them running working tractors again. It takes time but I enjoy it.
  15. urbancase

    Average age of user

  16. urbancase

    New Holland Baler, changing from sisal to plastic twine

    I have a 310 and have the same problem, fixed mine with a sharp knife. If it not cut clean it will hang on.
  17. urbancase

    What tool or machine did you build?

    Don’t have a pic but built my own 45 foot sprayer when starting out, had front mounted tractor tank and quick 3 point hook up and 12 volt controls. Used for years.
  18. urbancase

    How did you hurt your self this week

    got the side of my figure on a hose clamp while working on the TA cable on the 986.
  19. urbancase

    Spra coupe 220 brakes

    45 miles west of Cincinnati in southeast Indiana. so you're not that far. let me know. if you want i can email my phone number and talk.

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