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    A big cloud?

    You have an older model 4 cylinder 4000, not a "modern" 3 cylinder when you go parts shopping.
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    What is is this flare fitting called - Delphi injection pump

    Was talking to MF/Kubota salesman couple of weeks ago and learned that a MF231(mine) and a MF231S have NOTHING in common. Virtually no parts interchange. Mine was made in Poland and parts are available whereas the India 231S parts are non existent. So if you have an across the pond contact, I'd...
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    20 acre tractor

    If soil is unusually hard as in not been tilled in years a chisel plow/all purpose plow may soften it up better than a disc harrow.
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    secrets to remove turbo

    Need to separate manifold and turbo on 89 model jd 455d track loader. Any secrets before I break something? Thx for any info.
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    Take away his computer, I can't sit here and listen to my youth all over again. Excellent choices.
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    How many remember the date you joined the service

    Enlisted U.S.A.F. Feb. 4,1970 got out Feb 1, 1974, served 3yrs 11months 28 days per DD214. First two yrs worked in Air Freight last two yrs worked in supply, two trips to sunny Viet Nam. Basic training in San Antonio, Tx, Air Freight tech school in Wichita Falls, Tx., then Charleston AFB S.C...
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    listening to a radio while working

    I use to wear those cheapy 5 dollar radio headsets until no longer available. For the past 10 years or so I've had to go to the pricey worktunes radio ear muff style. I'm on my second set as of a couple years ago. I love my tunes and what little news they provide. I tell SWMBO it keeps me from...
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    Woods 7500 backhoe and 4020 JD

    Just remember all that weight is hanging from the top link, and I would not recommend picking up the rear of tractor and shift it using the boom. I have an Arps 80 on my 8n and they are a fairly good match. It may not be as fast as the big boys but it gets the job done.
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    Towable man lift

    I'm in the same situation except I'm 72. It seems I rent one every two years and although Sunbelt treated me well, I've had issues each time I've rented the last 3 times. Gas/electric don't seem to be as common as they were the first time I rented probably 20 years ago. My buddy and I talked...
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    Help picking correct replacement loader cylinders

    I had my cylinders rebuilt on my 1980 model 3 pt backhoe. The attachment points were an odd design that I didn't want to experiment with this should fit. The rebuilt cylinders work fine. This old stuff has its own requirements and competition on price is not always in the mix.
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    That coulda been very bad.

    I've had water gush out around blade when cutting down a red tip photinia.
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    brush hog

    A point to consider from personal experience my 4 foot trailing wheel follows in front tire track when turning. So if you are in tight corners you might grab something with the 5 foot trailimg wheel.
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    Have a friend who heard some guys talking about a 941 Cat track loader needing biscuits. What in laymen's terms is biscuits in the world of track loaders? TIA.
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    Tuesday Truck Pic

    F 100 in '58 had round parking lights.
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    Flywheel/pressure plate/clutch disc, good or bad?

    I'd hunt down a rebuilder for the friction parts so almost right fitment wouldn't be part of the equation.
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    Flywheel/pressure plate/clutch disc, good or bad?

    I'd add changing out those freeze plugs while they are exposed. If you dont you will be repeating this procedure when they leak.
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    Ford V10 - engine oil

    my 02 f250 v10 takes 7 quarts of Ford 5w20 from wally world and it is so clean I can't see it on the dipstick until I drive it a while-only 125000 miles on it. Yes it loves the gas when doing any kind of pulling, usually 15 mpg on interstate doing speed limit. It's a keeper anyway.
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    new operator with old bush mower - questions?

    If your Ford tractor is a 4 speed you will want an over riding clutch so you can stop quickly. The deck needs some repair work before being used.
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    3 pt wont position to where i want it

    Short lever under seat on right side needs to be in horizontal position for draft control if you really have an 8n. Lever pointed up for position control.
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    Shop Time (parasitic battery drain)

    Wife's '04 Infiniti fx35 will drain battery down over weekend if windows are left halfway down.

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