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  1. jm.

    Looking for yard tractor

    The bad , of bad boy , LS and Bobcat is resale value. Not enough dealers and neither have anywhere close to a decent market share. Sop question becomes where are you going to be say 6 /8 years from now or trade in value. Then the real thing come is value for your money , if you shop and REALLY...
  2. jm.

    It is amazing how naive some people are!!! Long rant.

    Me being new on here and a KUBOTA dealer he really went after me on how I should not be selling Japan junk ect. That went on and I took it for two or three years and one day I just called him out on it, We ended up on a phone conversation for about half hour, After that we exchanged information...
  3. jm.

    It is amazing how naive some people are!!! Long rant.

    Thanks I just aske was he back did not realize it was so old wopnder how he is doing
  4. jm.

    It is amazing how naive some people are!!! Long rant.

    So is this the ORIGNAL JD seller that farmed and trucked with his sons,,on here 4/5 years ago ?
  5. jm.

    Farmall MD

    that carburetor was used on the early td 90 dozers , pretty sure I know a guy that should have one. No about to put my phone number out here for everyone but will see what I can do and get back to you
  6. jm.

    Want input on choosing a new ute

    Every one is entitled to their own opinion, but the poster that said the Kawasaki Mule was tougher than the Kubota is way off. The Kubota will wear out two Kawasaki and will still be going. If they have one outstanding feature it is their long life and durability Kubota will not win the speed...
  7. jm.

    New tractor without DEF as a selling point?

    Man that load of lumber looks like someone gave it to you, sure is a nice tractor
  8. jm.

    Ductless Mini Split systems

    about 8 months in to a Mitsubishi 20,000 on a very well insulated 30x30. Heat pump set it on 59 degrees this winter and shop was perfect to go up and work in on the coldest days. Could never tell any difference in light bill. One of my coffee buddies owned a heat and air retired and gave it to...
  9. jm.

    Coating a lawnmower deck

    Been a KUBOTA dealer for 28 + years and have seen many folks try ever thing in the world and for most part total waste of time. Deck life is predicated by the type soil like sandy or clay, then how high or high low one mows.
  10. jm.

    Looking for advise on tractor purchase

    Find you a 4X4 Kubota with the loader and you will not be sorry.
  11. jm.

    Average age of user

    I did not find but three that were older than I so guess I am a senior member 81
  12. jm.


    Well congratulations , if you get bored you can always drive on up to Dover Tn and help me out. Had a heart problem 15 years ago , turned the dealership over to the younger generation. Never looked back now stay busier than ever but do it at my one pace. Get you some coffee friends , to keep up...
  13. jm.

    Texas Wildfires

  14. jm.

    Texas Wildfires

    Watching the news . . Do we have anyone one hear affected by the TEXAS wildfires. News says it is the largest ever in Texas.
  15. jm.

    South East Missouri information

    thanks That was my first thought but all glass plants I was ever around use fine sand, that material would have to be crushed I would think, but pretty sure it is related to the glass plant and not lead mining tailings but again I am not from there so that is why I asked.
  16. jm.

    South East Missouri information

    Nothing thee was old this place was upp and running glass plant with lots of cars and employees , just trying to find out what the acres of that waste was or is
  17. jm.

    South East Missouri information

    I came down highway 8 to the junction of highway 67, there at a small town Leadington I past a plant called Piramal Glass. Across from this plant was a large pile of grey material. My question is, what is this material. A by product of the glass manufacturing or is it the raw material for the...
  18. jm.

    Your Location

    OK got it done now, thanks for the help
  19. jm.

    Your Location

    No big deal to me , not hard to loacate about anyone now days, but I can not find the first box the poster related to in adding my location , hate this new format,
  20. jm.

    Your Location

    I do not see the first box you speak of no name box

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