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  1. Blackhole49

    Power washer

    Be careful with used. They may say seals, but most fail from freezing and are shot.
  2. Blackhole49

    Battery weed eater

    My son has a 20v Dewalt he absolutely loves (between us we have $4,000+ worth of 20v Dewalt tools). It takes 3 5 amphr batteries to do my weekly whipping. I much prefer my 40 year old Shindiawa gas T-20s. It takes 2 tanks of gas to do my yard this time of year.
  3. Blackhole49

    On spring grass

    Nice. Even on this site you don't see too many MM lineups.
  4. Blackhole49

    International 444 front pin

    I don't know about coming out, but something sure looks worn out in that picture.
  5. Blackhole49

    Looking for yard tractor

    I have an 88, 92 and 2015 Kubota all bought used. Though they are around, one thing I have never needed is a dealer. This is 23hp.
  6. Blackhole49

    Rattle Can Paint

    I have an attachment for my sawzall.
  7. Blackhole49

    Vintage Chainsaw Fuel Mix

    Interesting how you say it isn't about the mix ratio yet your original question ask about using the higher mix ratio. Yes, you can run the Stihl oil. That mixture is about 10.5 to one. Any oil would probably be safe at that rate. If it were mine, I would use a good quality 2 stroke oil and...
  8. Blackhole49

    Oh,,,, That's why it's leaking. Too big a job for hobbyist?

    I would pull a good bolt out just to see if it were a through or blind hole.
  9. Blackhole49

    2N or 8N ford Tractor trying to check rear end oil

    Are you saying the cylinders retract to raise the 3 point? As long as they have oil on both sides of the piston, up, down or any where in between shouldn't make any difference.
  10. Blackhole49

    Farmall Radiator

    Very true. But if your anything like me, trying to solder a radiator does nothing but create a bigger leak (and I soldered copper plumbing for a living for 8 years).
  11. Blackhole49

    Kubota M4030SU

    Can't help on why the shutoff is stuck (definitely need to figure it out), but something else is going on to cause it to run away. I don't think a shutoff lever can do that.
  12. Blackhole49

    Farmall Radiator

    I would try this only as last resort. Once you apply epoxy, a proper repair may not be possible. My 49 Pontiac top hose neck developed a bad leak. I took it to a radiator shop and they re soldered it. They said it also showed signs of weeping on the lower tank seam and wouldn't dare try to...
  13. Blackhole49

    Woods finish mower question

    I have a 5' King Kutter finish mower that has the RM59 style blade setup (center blade offset to the rear). I used it behind my 8n and didn't like the finish it left. Especially poor for wind rowing leaves. I prefer the offset to the front style like my Land Pride. Never had one with that...
  14. Blackhole49


    Juneau, the only state capitol you can't drive to.
  15. Blackhole49

    Case Ingersoll 226 . Any fans of this tractor on the site ?

    I had a 446 for several years before I got my first Kubota (B7200). I really liked it and the speed control, as others said, could have been better. That being said, my yard isn't flat and I never had it run away from me. It just took some getting use to. Mine had the 16hp onan and it...
  16. Blackhole49

    Ole Fergy

    X2 on gas in cylinders. While 80 psi should be enough to get it to run, it's not what I would be looking for to use regularly. my 8n has 95 across the board and will run a 6' mower, but it also uses a qt of oil every 5 hrs.
  17. Blackhole49

    Ferguson 135 diesel wont run

    If the "tap filter" is clogged, blowing air back through it should provide temporary relief.
  18. Blackhole49

    Jd 3010 gasser.

    I can't help, but I hope you keep posting results.The reason is; years ago someone (I think JD Seller) had a nice 3010 gas he couldn't get to consistently run right, to the point he got rid of it for a diesel, no matter what he did to the carb. Hope you have better results.
  19. Blackhole49

    Foam pickup bed protector

    My 08 (now my sons) and 18 Silverados both came w/factory drop in liners. I put rubber mats in both to minimize sliding. I occasionally remove the mat to clean the bed but neither liner has ever been removed. My question to you is: Is this setup sealed so debris and water can't get under...
  20. Blackhole49


    Engine and hydraulic oil are not the best places to save money on tractors.

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