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  1. Bob M

    Simpson analog multi meters?

    I still use my ancient Simpson 260 - also a Triplett 630 - regularly for old car/truck/tractor electrics. I also own a Klein digital clamp-on and a pair of Fluke DVM's. But for noisy tractor, etc. electrics the "stone age" analog meters still work best!
  2. Bob M

    'Farmall' WD9?

    I would love to have modified a Super WD9 by fitting it with a narrow front, taller rear tires and a Farmall style grille (would have to be custom fabricated of course......) Then decal it "Farmall Super R". Would be an attention getter at shows(!)
  3. Bob M

    SUPER M with 350 V8 chevrolet engine

    Don't bother! A velocity governor (King-Seeley, etc) bolted under the carburetor is simple RPM limiter. Ie. it won't regulate speed below its max RPM setpoint.
  4. Bob M

    SUPER M with 350 V8 chevrolet engine

    Personally I'd go with a mechanical, belt-driven Pierce or Hoof governor. They were pretty much "standard" of Ford N series tractor Funk conversions. They were commonly used on Jeep-powered welders, Empire tractors, etc. Even the ski lift where I skied I was a kid had a Chrysler hemi power...
  5. Bob M

    Super M transmission input shaft revisited

    My error! - there are no splines on the clutch end (been while since I had mine apart.....!) Rather the input shaft is driven by the clutch shaft coupling thru a keyed connection. And you need to remove the drive coupling and key from the input shaft in order to slide the seal assembly off.
  6. Bob M

    Super M transmission input shaft revisited

    If you are only replacing the input shaft seal it can be done with the shaft in place. Simply unbolt the retainer then slide the retainer/seal assembly off over the shaft. Knock out the old seal from the retainer and replace it with the new one. Finally thoroughly clean the shaft and...
  7. Bob M

    Farmall M charging issue - must rev engine for charge

    Pretty much normal with the Delco 10SI (internally regulator) alternator - both the one wire and 3 wire versions. Either live with it, or replace the alternator sheave with a smaller one to spin it faster.
  8. Bob M

    Brake fluid - need to change?

    Had a caliper stick on my then 15 year old F250. When I took it off the fluid that drained was absolutely black. A few months later another caliper froze....more black fluid. After knocking out the pistons I found the caliper bores m corroded and had "mud" at the bottom. Obviously the...
  9. Bob M

    Found the problem

    I had the same failure on my late production 1953 Super M (with the heavy cam gear from the factory). And a friend's 400 broke a cam gear too. Not uncommon on tractors where the hydraulics are regularly worked to capacity.
  10. Bob M

    SA Wiring Issue

    Nope! Wire per the diagram above, only omit the wiring/switch to the ignition coil.
  11. Bob M

    Question for pos/neg ground

    PROBABLY correct. 12 volt negative ground did not become common until the late 1950's and "industry standard" in the early 60's, when alternators replaced generators.
  12. Bob M

    Farmall H Lead

    Several more points to add to Jim's list: 8) If the engine starts/runs does the oil pressure gage work? And does it show pressure in the "RUN" range? 9) After warming a couple minutes snap the throttle open and watch the exhaust. If it's clear that's good. However blue smoke indicates an oil...
  13. Bob M

    Farmall M Trojan Road Grader

    Hydraulics are powered by pump driven off the front of the crankshaft via an added pulley and wide V-belt. It's visible beneath the "M" decal in this photo......
  14. Bob M

    Farmall M Trojan Road Grader

    FWIW not only Trojan offered tractor-based graders. Here are Allis-Chalmers and a Huber(?) graders at the Pageant of Steam.
  15. Bob M

    Farmall M Trojan Road Grader

    There are several of these Farmall M/Trojan Speed Patrol graders in various states of repair still around western NY. (They were assembled at the Trojan plant in Batavia NY) Photo is one underway at the Pageant of Steam (Canandaigua NY) a couple years ago. No clue as to a possible value.....
  16. Bob M

    IH 350U cam shaft gear keyway

    I had a similar problem with a broken cam gear on my Super M. In addition to the woodruff key being unusable, I found a large chip out of one side of the keyway on the camshaft. A friend found a new key if the correct thickness but it was too high to work. But with the new key in a vise, a...
  17. Bob M

    Farmall 504 electrical/starting issues

    Assuming the battery is good and fully charged, look for a bad battery cable or a loose/corroded connection where the grounded cable bolts to the frame. Keep in mind a battery cable can LOOK good on the outside but be badly corroded under the insulation - especially where the cables go into the...
  18. Bob M

    electric power steering/Farmal M

    Spotted this custom-built Farmall BN Low Crop at a show a couple years ago. It had been adapted to electric power steering - it seemed to work well.
  19. Bob M

    Remember Hugh MacKay

    I only met Hugh once. Hugh and Marge were enroute to pick up Farmall parts in western NY. They stopped in our town for a brief visit and we took them for lunch. We found Hugh wonderfully knowledgeable and engaging. And Marge and my wife hit it off immediately (both are retired school...
  20. Bob M

    300 distributor driveshaft

    Exactly as Jim and rustred describe. Be sure to GO EASY with the grease.....pumping in too much forces grease into places it doesn't belong!

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