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  1. cpratt

    I'm not in charge of it now, but if you can use the contact form and send the Brand, Model, and...

    I'm not in charge of it now, but if you can use the contact form and send the Brand, Model, and Serial number via the Contact form for tractors you need to get control of, they can put them in your name. That's the best way for your situation where you used a different handle on each entry...
  2. cpratt


    No, the old systems are going to move to this system, only just the content that is still in use. Unfortunately, that has to wait until June.
  3. cpratt


    Mornin' Jim, That was our intent. But the posts are exclusively classic view and there was no reliable way to extract the information needed. Because of the age of the posts, they were all just text files but in varying formats of html depending on when they were posted. They can be searched...
  4. cpratt

    Advanced Search not Searching everywhere?

    Maybe, looks like he might have been a victim of the First Message filter based on what he said in his last post on the 22nd. He said his posts rolled off the page because of the new format, though that is the opposite. They roll off because of people using the First message filter. It's a...
  5. cpratt

    Serial Number Registry Users (please read)

    The serial number registry has now been moved to this system. In cases where users have not corrected their Handle on their tractors in the registry, in order to access them, they will need to contact an admin to correct their username to match the forum username. Admins can be contacted through...
  6. cpratt

    Comment by 'cpratt' in media 'complete2.jpg'

  7. cpratt


    I will forward this idea to the team. I know it's the intention, but everyone has other irons in the fire for the most parts. I don't think I will get to it this weekend even though I've collected copies of the help stuff you guys (and myself) have given people. Mostly what we all have answered...
  8. cpratt


    The promises were me if I recall. Haven't had time myself beyond collecting a few notes.
  9. cpratt

    Maybe a problem?

    Sounds logical as to the explanation. I have seen something like that in the past.
  10. cpratt


    Check out your profile posts. Someone did reply to you on this over there.
  11. cpratt

    Maybe a problem?

    This is normal if you are running the Filter First message preference hack. I strongly suggest turning it off if you are. It guarantees you won't see new content if the thread started more than a day ago. If you aren't, then it does sound odd. One thing to check, if you entered that forum...
  12. cpratt

    A Possible Option?

    That's a good idea. If they have it, it is almost for certain an available addon. I'll mention this to Justin and Jeremy at our meeting in the morning.
  13. cpratt

    Southern Farm Days

    Thanks for pointing out that it's showing to everyone. That was a test for putting the shows and pulls events over here on the site. It wasn't supposed a appear to anyone (which is why it got the oops message), yet alone in Tool Talk :oops:. I'll ask Justin if he knows why it could have ended up...
  14. cpratt

    Southern Farm Days

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Southern Farm Days. Please add to the discussion here. Antique Tractor Exhibits and Events, Animals, Live Entertainment and more Edit: This was a mistake that it appeared in tool talk, the event is real and going on today in NC for those close...
  15. cpratt

    You might want to ask this on the Case & David Brown forum under the Manufacturers category...

    You might want to ask this on the Case & David Brown forum under the Manufacturers category. Many people don't notice the Profile posts since they don't appear in a list anywhere that most people look in.
  16. cpratt

    Old Thread Peculiarity

    I'm not getting it on new threads. @DoubleO7 and @Brown David it is just old threads as you both pointed out. That means it's not actually the Threaded View causing it directly (I searched hard on that one), but the fact that old threads weren't initialized to handle the threaded view ability to...
  17. cpratt

    Old Thread Peculiarity

    Good catch but it did happen to me on a new thread. (Edit, turns out the thread started prior to the cutover even though it was responded to later) Kim had suggested yesterday that it was the records imported in and your tests kind of confirm that. Just have to figure out why my test didn't.
  18. cpratt

    Old Thread Peculiarity

    @DoubleO7 Yep, I know it has to be threaded view changes since they impact that thread number (the #1). I was going to check out just why when I had time. I designed it not to have any impact when Threaded View was not checked on, but it clearly is.
  19. cpratt

    Old Thread Peculiarity

    Well, just tested it. It doesn't even have to be an old thread, any user with Threaded View unchecked must see the same thing. You press Page 2 or Next and you get page one. I don't have time for this but something has to be done. I will check our dev system tomorrow which doesn't have the...
  20. cpratt

    Welcome Jamie. If you intended to have a k in your username, you can change that by clicking on...

    Welcome Jamie. If you intended to have a k in your username, you can change that by clicking on your username, then Account Details, then Change. Also wanted to mention that you might edit out your phone number in your previous profile post. The search engines pick up everything on the site and...

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