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  1. Steve Metcalfe

    Ford 75 lawnmower value

    I had an Oliver version I sold several years ago for $1600. This is the same tractor just different color. Didn't know what the market was on this Ford?
  2. Steve Metcalfe

    Ford 75 lawnmower value

    Posted this down in the Garden tractor forum but didn't get any responses so I'll try here. I know a few years ago these things were bringing pretty good money but didn't know about todays market. Seems like their Oliver counterpart is top dollar but still unsure of the Fords. Any help appreciated.
  3. Steve Metcalfe

    Ford 75 mower

    I know at one time not too many years ago these little things were bringing good money or at least the Oliver version was. What’s the going rate on these Fords now?
  4. Steve Metcalfe

    Electrical for RRlund trailer

    I hear ya on that. The reason why I have a small round six pin connector like you. Know another guy that uses a pintle hitch instead of a ball hitch for the same reason
  5. Steve Metcalfe

    Is there anyone yet around who rebuilds tractor steering wheels?

    Bobs is more for the high end automotive market. I have a friend with a 1955 Eldorado that he restored and he spent around $1200 for refurbishing the steering wheel on it. It’s also a $150,000 car so having the correct wheel is crucial.
  6. Steve Metcalfe

    Digging trench with tractor?

    Looks like your electrifying the outhouse!;)
  7. Steve Metcalfe

    OTish car starter question

    Turn key to on position security light should go out after about 8 seconds. If light stays on or blinks you have a security problem.
  8. Steve Metcalfe

    Jim Dandy Tractor value? unknown year.

    Also known as "Economy" around here. My brother has one and loves it. Simple and easy to work on!
  9. Steve Metcalfe

    Tractor and Farm talk

    I posted about this last week and my post was removed and is now in “site comments “
  10. Steve Metcalfe

    New heading to title

    I see now that the new heading here is tractor AND farm talk!!
  11. Steve Metcalfe

    Oliver 1800

    I guess you would need the serial number for that to happen and I’m assuming you don’t have that.
  12. Steve Metcalfe

    Oliver 1800

    The museum in Charles City would have the build card and I think it tells which dealer it was shipped to from the factory. I’m sure some of the guys will chime in soon that have gotten a build card as they will be able to tell you for sure.
  13. Steve Metcalfe

    Know your nuts...

    Here's a bolt chart I refer to often!
  14. Steve Metcalfe

    Silos of different flavors

    Yes the railroad ran right along the near side right where that concrete block is sitting now. This was a grain terminal in Sulphur Springs Indiana.
  15. Steve Metcalfe

    Silos of different flavors

    Near my house on US36. Little bit different construction.
  16. Steve Metcalfe

    neat old book JD

    Recently came across this old book. Looks like it was printed for John Deere in 1957. I was wondering if there was any value to it?
  17. Steve Metcalfe

    neat old book JD

    More pics
  18. Steve Metcalfe

    Farmall 560 step

    I just recently put these on my Oliver 77. Very economical, no slip and gets the job done. done
  19. Steve Metcalfe

    Saturday Special

    I Like changing the puzzle to 24 pieces. Goes together much quicker that way!
  20. Steve Metcalfe

    Gotta love living in the rust belt!

    Ive dealt with those rusty things many times. Plenty of penetrating lube and a chisel between the pump and retaining ring until ring is broke free then start rotating the ring. Will need new ring along with pump.

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