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  1. jd2cyl1943

    5.00-15 Tubes

    I'm trying to mount my front tires and have gone through serval tubes that split at the seam when inflated. I'm not made of money, so I can't afford to keep buying different brands of tubes hoping one will work, so what have you guys had luck, other than bad, with? Thanks a lot!
  2. jd2cyl1943

    Tractor sign

    Got this for shows when it's finished. What do you think?
  3. jd2cyl1943

    Old tractor.

    Not a JD, they never made tractors like that, if it were a JD the engine would be horizontal. It doesn't say "Vellino" does it?
  4. jd2cyl1943

    something for Sweetfeet

    I found these photos on another forum I'm on and thought of Sweetfeet: flowers and rust.
  5. jd2cyl1943

    Any information on this john deere model B?

    Okay, their website is their phone number is 812-952-3010. just search for DLTX-67. You're quite welcome. anything for someone starting out in this hobby. If there is anything else, just ask. I'll see what I can do.
  6. jd2cyl1943

    Any information on this john deere model B?

    I double checked, it's six volt.
  7. jd2cyl1943

    Any information on this john deere model B?

    You could buy a rebuilt DLTX-67 from the Lind bros, it's a little spendy ($450) but it wouldn't need any wok. If you interested, I could direct you to their website. Does it not have one mounted? I think it would be 6 volt, but I'll double check for you.
  8. jd2cyl1943

    What Year I my H Farmall

    I'm not a Farmall guy, so i may be wrong. But going off this chart, I'd say 1951. Welcome to the YT community! 1939 501 1940 10653 1941 52387 1942 93237 1943 122091 1944 150251 1945 186123 1946 214820 1947 241143 1948 268991 1949 300876 1950 327975 1951 351923 1952...
  9. jd2cyl1943

    Any information on this john deere model B?

    yes, it would still be 1947, just would be nine tractors older than the other number. Congratulations on getting into the hobby! I've got a 1943 JD B.
  10. jd2cyl1943

    Any information on this john deere model B?

    Serial 205399 would be a 1947 model. Welcome to YT! 1935 1000 1936 12012 1937 27389 1938 46175 (*49302) 1939 60000 1940 78526 1941 96000 1942 118721 1943 136315 1944 149219 1945 167700 1946 179788 1947 191303 1948 209295 1949 230044 1950 253025 1951 275242...
  11. jd2cyl1943

    Wartime front spoke wheel

    Those are unstyled A wheels.
  12. jd2cyl1943

    John Deere B intake hose

    My intake hose (B77R) is missing, so I don't know what length of hose to buy. Do any of you know how long it should be?
  13. jd2cyl1943

    Wartime front spoke wheel

    Okay. The Biewer's number is 218-493-4696. Don Dufner's is 701-942-3102. Good luck. Let me know if either of them have one!
  14. jd2cyl1943

    Wartime front spoke wheel

    That's a cutoff alright, My 1943 John Deere B is on full cutoffs. What year is your A. I don't know where your located, but my friend Gary Biewer runs a salvage yard in Barnesville, MN. Another guy who may have one is Don Dufner. If you want I can give you their numbers.
  15. jd2cyl1943

    Coleman Tractor photo I found

    Here's a photo of a Coleman 16-30 that I found and did some editing on. It was blurry, grainy, and had a gray smudgy background. I couldn't resist sharing it after the work I did on it.
  16. My future Case RC project

    My future Case RC project

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    CIMG0040 (2).JPG

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    CIMG0045 (2).JPG

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