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    New Holland TD95D Locked in Gear

    It could be as simple as an adjustment of the reverser and transmission shifter mechanisms. Are you sure that you have the clutch adjusted properly? Nort dragging? Do you have a shop manual? The adjusting instructions will be in there.
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    Drum Mower question

    I have a Galfre (Italian made) drum mower and it has vanes on the drums that DO NOT WINDROW THE HAY so no tedding is rewuired.
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    Warming up TEA 20.

    Unlike diesels, spark ignition engines run across a very narrow range of fue/air ratios and thus the peak cylinder temperatures don't vary much. Warm up time is therefor less. If the oil pressure is up and you don't need the choke you should be good to go.
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    TO30 hydraulics raise but won’t lower

    +1 Open the right hand access plate and WITH THE ENGINE SHUT DOWN, reach down in the oil and feel the T shaped control valve handle. Push in forward and then aft. It should move about an 1 inch. full travel. If the valve is sticking it should release and drop the three point once you move it to...
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    1972 CAT D4D overheating

    How is the "internal bypass", (10 in the diagram) supposed to work?
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    1972 CAT D4D overheating

    If I read this correctly, the 153 F is located at the lower end of the bypass line and the 84F is located at the top of the bypass line. The top of the by pass takes coolant from the engine and bypasses around the thermostat housing. SO the bypass line should be at the same temperature...
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    1972 CAT D4D overheating

    Can you take a picture of the installation and what the locations are for temperatures you are measuring? Are you sure that the wax pellet on the thermostat is pointing toward the engine? Are you sure you have the right thermostat? There appears to be about a dozen configurations for the 3304...
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    Ford NAA Distributor/Spark problems

    1.) There should be a mark that indicates Top Dead Center (TDC) and several other marks to indicate degrees. I don't have a tractor like yours so I can't be more specific. Do you have an operator's manual or service manual? If you don't have these, I'd advise you to get them as they are usefull...
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    Ford NAA Distributor/Spark problems

    Don't remove the distributor yet. Rather, find the timing mark on the flywheel. Remove the spark plugs to make it easy to crank the engine. Make sure that #1 cylinder is on the compression putting your thumb on the spark plug hole and bump the starter until you feel the pressure on...
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    TO-35 Smokes like crazy

    Compression ratio is a volume ratio not a pressure ratio! Normal compression pressure should be 125-130 psi. The typical minimum allowable pressure is 85-90 psi for this engine. If it smokes a lot at idle, the valve guides could also be worn as well as the oil control rings on the pistons.
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    1972 CAT D4D overheating

    I just looked closely at the image of the engine side of the pump housing. Where is the gear that meshes with the gear on the water pump?
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    Delco distributor bushing replacement

    Philbin is located in Portland, Or. My bad!
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    Delco distributor bushing replacement

    Find an auto electric shop and have them rebuid it. I had a '54 TO-30 and I had an outfit in Chicago named Philbin rebuild it They do a lot of these rebuilds and they have the tooling and the knowledge. Look them up on the web. I sent it in and they got it back in a week.
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    1972 CAT D4D overheating

    Is the impeller keyed to the shaft? Is there anything to limit the impeller from slipping on the shaft? The impeller itself looks good in that picture. How's the end play?
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    1972 CAT D4D overheating

    Ebay has the pump rebuild kits ( ~ $40) and remanufactured pumps, (~ $175) IIRC
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    1972 CAT D4D overheating

    I think you have the CAT 3304 NA engine. If so, everything I see on web for this engine indicates it has a gear driven water pump. Can anyone confirm this? If it is gear driven, I would suspect a problem with worn bearings and/or damaged impeller. There are rebuild kits available as well as...
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    1972 CAT D4D overheating

    "I‘m not sure about the injectors. How can I test them? Any other symptoms I can look for?" You'll have to pull them and take them to a diesel shop. They can clean, check the pop off pressures, check for leaks,etc. Or you can pull them out and then crank the engine to pressurize them and they...
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    1972 CAT D4D overheating

    "Oil cooler in: 180°F - Oil cooler out: 193°F" Are you sure that this correct. The cooler outlet temperature should read less than the cooler inlet temperature. Are the lines hooked up correctly? Is the air side of the radiator clean? It's not uncommon for the air side to be blocked with...
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    Cutting a rubber mat

    I cut mine with a razor knife. Had to make two passes as I recall. My cuts were straight, length wide cuts and I used sharp blades.
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    Lost my big 'ole' buddy

    Hardest thing I ever had to do was to put down our Blue Healer, Jack after 13 years. RIP Jack. I know how you feel.

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