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  1. Hdonly

    Explain this wreck

    Most all "accidents" occur because someone is not paying attention to what is going on around them. Your eyes and ears are really the only things that may keep you safe. Keep your mind on driving and LOOK before you make your move. Doesn't matter who has the right of way if anyone involved does...
  2. Hdonly

    Toro 223D with Mitsubishi L3E engine

    Where in Florida is this place you spoke of? I just replaced injector nozzles and it made no difference. Just finally got my compression tester in and new glow plugs. That will be my next move to check compression and change glow plugs.
  3. Hdonly

    Woods finish mower question

    I have an RD60. Don't know the difference, but I like mine quite a bit.
  4. Hdonly

    Explain this wreck

    If the bus was already in the left lane in the process of passing then the tractor operator was at fault. I am betting he didn't look to the left before he turned. The story does not reveal all the facts though. Yes, the bus driver should have been more wary since all the vehicles ahead were...
  5. Hdonly

    Aftermarket starter TO30 will not fit.

    I had the same problems on my TO-20 and TO-30 with aftermarket starters. Swapped the nose on one. Had to grind on the other one because the original nose was broken. One of these starters failed very quickly. From China, the brushes were made from extremely hard material and burnt. Cleaned them...
  6. Hdonly

    Toro 223D with Mitsubishi L3E engine

    Yes, I am getting fuel. I had it running just the other day, It is just go/no go on starting. Takes a ridiculous amount of grinding and lots of black smoke unless I get the throttle set just right. If I get the throttle just right, sometimes it will start fairly quickly. Will not restart after...
  7. Hdonly

    Toro 223D with Mitsubishi L3E engine

    I have checked glow plugs in the past and they were working. I have a new set coming anyway. I will be pulling them anyway to do a compression test. I have changed the air filter and water separator filter. I have a lift pump filter but haven't changed it yet. Trying to get it back to my garage...
  8. Hdonly

    Toro 223D with Mitsubishi L3E engine

    I have a Toro 223D Groundsmaster mower with a three cylinder Mitsubishi L3E engine. I have had it for a few years. It has gotten harder and harder to start over the years. Long cranking time now with excessive black smoke the longer it cranks. If it does start (rarely nowadays) the smoke will...
  9. Hdonly

    Shop work

    I made this anvil for my knife-making son-in-law from a piece of rr track. Think I'll make me one now.
  10. Hdonly

    Water neck thread size?

    This is the one I used for my TO-20 from this site. Perfect fit and no leaks.
  11. Hdonly

    TO-20 water pump

    Yes, covered under warranty. Very fast response from them.
  12. Hdonly

    TO-20 water pump

    Replacement pump on the way. I hope it lasts longer than the first one.
  13. Hdonly

    TO-30 Cranks but won’t start

    Do the spark check. If no spark, it could be a failed condenser under the distributor cap. Sometimes they short to ground and kill the spark. Also check the points gap.
  14. Hdonly

    TO-30 Cranks but won’t start

    Has it ever started since you have had it? It sounds like the engine is turning over kinda slow. Make sure your battery is fully charged. Pull the high tension coil wire off the distributor cap and hold the end close to engine block and see if you have spark while turning the engine over.
  15. Hdonly

    TO-20 water pump

    Put the cheaper water pump on my TO-20 back in December. It got a little too warm on me yesterday. Got off the tractor and saw the water pump leaking at the weep hole already. Only 3 months old. Guess I should have bought the OEM rebuilt more expensive pump in the first place. Darn it!
  16. Hdonly

    Having a little fun on a slow day

  17. Hdonly


    Some aftermarket replacement starters may need a little grinding on the nose and occasionally on the other end. I ran into this on my TO-20. Same starter. The castings are less than perfect.
  18. Hdonly


    I retired in 2009 at 54 after 30 years of working in Public Works for a small city in Florida. State Retirement System & Social Security keep me in enough cash to play with my tractors, old cars and old trucks and old motorcycles.. When I retired, I had five bosses and they were all city...
  19. Hdonly

    AGM Battery

    This battery is made for large displacement motorcycles as a direct drop in. The built in battery management system takes care of the charging scenario. Been in the car almost 4 years.

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