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    Easter surprise

    Mmm I think more along the lines of sausage seeds!
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    Unique bolt on Hydrostatic transmission

    I think you are referring to a triple square bolt, you can Google it and see pics.
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    Camera for grain cart

    We use one called cab cam at the farm. Been using them for years. Options for multiple camera hook up and night visibility is good. Google "cab cam" there'll be lots of options. Amazon has them for $259.
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    Old farm plans

    Is this it? Click here
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    Farmall H governor ID

    Thanks guys for all the great information! I hope to get governor installed here today will post further on how it runs after install.
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    Farmall H governor ID

    M-W is not printed on the pipe from gov to carb so don't think it is.
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    Farmall H governor ID

    I assume that they were some short of performance increase with these governor's? Anything to very working before I install? Original on the tractor is plum wore out.
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    Farmall H governor ID

    Trying to ID this governor out of my 45 parts H. Doesn't look like the one I'm trying to change it out for from a running 44 H. Thoughts appreciated.
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    High quality 1/4 inch drive hex bits

    I've had a few of them come out. I just super glue them back in place. Works for me.
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    tonights feature night by 01 gent dc

    Here is my favorite wood hauling trailer. 79 Ford frame with 90's box and 1 ton springs it hauls a good load.
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    JD 7800 dash lighting

    If you take out the display from the dash you can then open it up. Then on the inside is about two dozen tiny bulbs if you cycle the key switch you should be able to find the burnt out ones that are for back lighting. They all should light up when you cycle the key. If I was at work I could...
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    Pulling pucks

    Thanks guys for the help. I haven't tore into engine yet just trying to get around needed items for the job.
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    Pulling pucks

    Hey guys I am trying to locate a puck to remove the sleeves from my farmall H. Other than having a shop make one is there a place to purchase them anymore or a website that sells the? I don't have a shop close by or enough hours in the day to find one. Purchasing would be nice. Any info or...

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