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    Farmall H year built

    The starter does have 3 mounting bolts,thanks again for the information.
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    Farmall H year built

    I'm new to the world of Farmall's having just gotten an H at an estate auction. The serial number plate is damaged and unreadable but I have found casting codes on various parts. They range from 2-3-Z to 5-17-Z my guess is that the numbers represent the month and date and I wonder if the letter...
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    Winter Wonderland

    Nice pictures, but the B looks a little chilly. Missed the heavy snow in my part of Mn. so maybe it means spring is not too far off. SMS those pics. of Copper Mt. look great I've skied there many times and your pictures brought back fond memories.
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    Case dealers list

    Don do you have Collins Implement Co. of Atkinson, Nebraska on your list? I found a receipt from them dated 2/17/1953 in a Model LA parts catalog I picked up at a swap meet this summer. The parts were 4 clutch fingers, pins and rings for a total of $3.72.
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    500 radiator

    Thanks for the advice, I will start by trying to backflush and adding a vinegar and water solution. If that doesn't work, I'll see if a radiator shop is willing to take it on or as a last resort I'll try and remove the bottom tank. Not too excited about getting all those bolts loose though. Loren
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    500 radiator

    Been wrenching on the 500(Eilene)and decided to replace the antifreeze. I opened the drain cap and nothing,the drain pipe was full of sludge.I think the bottom tank has alot of sludge in it because nothing drains out of the bottom drain. I did get about 5 gal. out of the block drain. I'm...
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    DC at work

    I wouldn't give up on fall tillage just yet. It could still warm up enough so you could get back at it and maybe even finish. Loren
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    1st. time Case owner update

    First off I want to thank everyone who responded to my post. I sure got a lot of valuable help and information, as I said before I've been lurking on the Yesterday's Tractor website for quite some time and I think the people here on the Case Forum are the most helpful. Ron The tractor data page...
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    1st. time Case owner

    Don, it is a diesel model like you are referring to. CM it's like the picture you posted except mine has the orange sheet metal as well, mine must be an earlier model, built in the 1953 - 1956 time slot as Don mentioned. I had read about the problems with the American Bosch Injection pumps if...
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    1st. time Case owner

    Hi everyone my name is Loren and I am from southern Mn. but you probably figured that out by my user name. I have enjoyed reading this forum for quite some time, everyone seems so helpful. I recently purchased Case model 500 Western tractor from a neighbor. It hasn't run in over 10 years and...
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    a few questions about barley

    I'm thinking about planting 6 acres of feed barley this Spring, for feeding out steers next Winter. Is there much difference drilling barley seed vs. oats? I know I will need to calibrate the drill to the different seed. Seed supplier recommends 2 to 2.5 bushel per acre, sound about right...
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    more info questions on G900 - have pics now

    I'm in central MN, by Buffalo. Tractor fired up immediately when I started it today. I'm liking it a lot. Got a nice sound to it. Now to work a deal on the White 508 plow to go with it.
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    more info questions on G900 - have pics now

    Thanks for the info, that's good to know that they run good with similar equipment to what I have. I run a 499 mower and a NH 650 round baler with our 1100 Massey now.
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    Which plow, IH 720 or White 508?

    I have an IH 720 Automatic 5-bottom 16" that was tough pulling with our 1100 Massey (94HP) so I dropped the back bottom off and moved the tail wheel up before I plowed this Spring. We're in heavy black soil. Worked much better as a 4 bottom, but that was in corn stubble that I had disked down...
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    more info questions on G900 - have pics now

    Here's some pics of the G900 diesel that I'm considering buying. Serial# 1236 shows it to be late 1968. Owner finally got it started after putting some better batteries on it. Hadn't been started in about 3 years. I drove it back to our farm, about 2 miles on the road in 5th high. Drove...
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    MF 36 Swather conditioner rolls

    You're correct, they are basically 1/2 circle hinges that hold the unit up; I think there's three? I was thinking clamps for some reason. they don't leave much room to get the belt off the drive pulley, if I remember correctly.
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    MF 36 Swather conditioner rolls

    Been a while since I took the conditioner out of our #36, but I think we always let off the tension on the idler pulley, and took the pulley and arm off of the machine. Then unhook the two springs from the eyebolts on the machine, and lower the conditioner and open the clamps that hold it up.
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    What can you tell me about the G900?

    I'll get some pictures tomorrow and a serial#. I'm in MN. Asking price is $4k, so it sounds like it's in the ballpark. He said he has another set of fenders to go with it. Will the hydraulics have any problem opening the door on a 650 New Holland round baler?
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    IH 80 major malfunction, buying another one tomorrow

    If you look close at the cylinder lever, you can see where the stop was welded on. Makes me wonder how the notches got tore out. I suppose from it being out of balance. Cylinder came apart a few minutes after I took the picture. <image...
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    IH 80 major malfunction, buying another one tomorrow

    Started combining oats on Saturday with my #80. As a follow up to my previous post about swathing & combining the cover crop, it was working pretty good, no problems feeding through. Only issue was a loud clacking sound that started almost right away. Sound looked to be from the adjustment...

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