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    Leaking control lever on McCormick B450

    Okay, I see it now. That isn't much more than a smudge. It has to be 18 because all the other numbers can be read (more or less).
  2. J

    Leaking control lever on McCormick B450

    I still don't see 18 in the drawing.
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    Leaking control lever on McCormick B450

    Never had anything to do with a B450, but here is what I see in your diagram. Items 12, 14, and 20 are all o-rings that are in the right general area. It also lists item 18 as an o-ring, but I don't see it in the diagram. Seems like one or more of them is where the leak is.
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    Another Question About Tire Pressure

    When all else fails, you could look in the Owner's Manual. It will tell you 28 in the front and 12-16 in the rear. Add 4 pounds to the furrow wheel when plowing.
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    424 Generator to Alternator conversion

    I suggest you go through John T's steps for troubleshooting a charging system before buying any more parts whether it is parts to convert it or parts to fix what you have. John Ts Charging Troubleshooting
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    1952 Farmall Steering Question

    This reply ended up in my profile comments (from Thursday): With that, we have run through all my ideas on this problem. Maybe something will show in the pictures.
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    Farmall cub, no spark, best way to track down problem.

    Gee, I don't know how we could have all misinterpreted your first post to think you had installed a new switch.
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    1952 Farmall Steering Question

    I just went back and looked at all your posts in this thread just to see if I missed it. From what I can see, the only symptom you described is in the first post: "Tractor started doing a left turn on me if turn loose of steering wheel for a few seconds." There was no suggestion that it...
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    1952 Farmall Steering Question

    Without more information I doubt you are going to get much more input. You have already seen everyone's best guess. Does it pull constantly so you have trouble holding the steering wheel in one place or does it just fight you when you try to turn the wheels? When did this start happening...
  10. J

    '45 A motor question

    Okay, from the new pictures it is clearly the original block. But now I am on the same page as Farmalldude45. I read the sleeve bore as 3-1/8, not 3-1/4. Thinwall sleeves for a 3-1/8 bore in that block are common, in fact about all you can find now.
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    Need help with Farmall M 12V wiring

    As drawn, the engine will not turn over unless the ignition switch is on. You aren't testing the cranking function with the switch off are you?
  12. J

    '45 A motor question

    The lower bore on the original A engine was 3-5/16. If a sleeve with a 3-1/4 bore was fitted, it would only leave 1/32 available for the thickness of the sleeve at the lower bore. I have trouble imagining that would hold up (granted, no compression pressure that low on the sleeve). I have...
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    '45 A

    Original decals would have said "McCormick-Deering".
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    Brazing Nut onto Stripped Farmall 140 Steering Box Mounting Hole

    No. This is more of a setscrew application. If he had room to tap bigger, he could probably just use the next size bigger bolt. (He doesn't, no room for the drill.) If there is no other damage to the casting, the best fix is probably the Helicoil. If I was in his situation and needed to fix...
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    H magneto no spark after tune

    There is a gear drive inside the magneto that has to be properly timed. Maybe you got that out of time while you had it open. Use the tooth with the "R" mark to time it.
  16. J

    Cub lo-boy won't idle down.

    After you installed the carb, did you adjust the length of the control rod between the governor and carb? You need to adjust it by the book and make sure it moves freely without any binding. Not doing this can cause all sort of misbehavior. There is rarely trouble inside the governor.
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    IH 340 Utility Backhoe Attachment

    There was what IH called commercial 3-point hitch for the 340U. It had the standard 3-point linkage and geometry. It did not have Traction Control. It was intended for the highway mower etc. markets. On the top link subject, take reinforced link etc. VERY SERIOUSLY. Think for a minute about...
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    single front wheel Farmall questions

    Just looking at the Parts Catalogs, you have different part numbers all over the place. I doubt that you can mix and match between the different models. You will need an entire assembly that matches your bolt pattern.
  19. J

    Farmall cultivatior shank

    There were multiple styles of spring trips. A picture would help. I assume you are working on the #16, which has a spring pointing close to straight up. The part is called a trunion, part number 27017B. I did a web search on that number and found Devon's Tractor Parts has used ones listed...
  20. J

    1952 Farmall Steering Question

    The axle pivot is in the center of the axle. The weight on both front wheels is identical as long as both axle extensions are set for the same width. The offset engine and drive train results in more weight on the left rear than the right rear.

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