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    Casting Codes

    Would somebody be so kind as to post how you convert the casting codes to a date or the date of the casting on a 1950 8n Ford. Many thanks in advance for the information. BobTx
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    These little kids are gonna be a problem

    Nothing wrong with goat meat. At home we grow up on goat, tame rabbit and venison. Butchering and processing is the key to good meat. BobTx
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    1939 John Deere H mag issues.

    Back in the late 1980's, my Dad had an old John Deere A with the exact same symptoms. It turned out to be an intake manifold gasket. It might be worth a check. Bob TX
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    Massey Ferguson Jack

    WOW! What a great set of plans, at least in my simple mind. But, I believe IMKCMAC was referring to the Ferguson model of the all-lift jack. The difference being the Ford lifted on the axle, the Ferguson lifted on the ball joint on the forward end of the lift arm. My Dad purchased a TO-35...
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    More reflections

    Try Seem it on TV. Never used it.
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    Tractor for Sweetfeet

    Spent the summer of 1950 with my grandfather. He had hired a crew to rake and bale his hay crop, but the owner said he was a man short on the baler and it would be a week later. My grandfather pushed me forward and said, well, just hire this boy. At age 11 I had my first paying job, poking...
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    Spray can nozzle

    Sorry guys, don't do pictures. this post will be too long. I use a small work table like we see at the spoonshop that the top opens to make a clamp. Clamp the can upside down, put two layers of cloth over the bottom, drill a hole in a piece of scrap lumber that an awl will just fit through...
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    C-119 Flying Boxcars...

    Sorry guys...a long shaggy dog story. 1964, brand new 1st LT., completed T-37, T-38, and C-130 schools. Just arrived at Pope Air Force Base, N.C. My C-130 instructor was a former 119 instructor, thus I had heard all the C-119 stories ever told. I was told to meet an airplane Sunday morning...
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    Sunday Steamer

    What a machine. September 2018 we drove from Texas to the James Valley Threshers Show in Andover SD to see it on its maiden voyage. We were not disappointed. It was well worth the trip. Bob
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    8N paint color dilema

    the headlight is better. does anyone have a PPG-code for it? thanks, Bob
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    Ford V10 - engine oil

    I bought a new Pontiac Tempest in 1966. The transmission started acting funny. Dealer suggested we change the transmission oil. I very carefully watched the mechanic refill it, it showed overfull. I know we put the right amount of oil in. We measured the dipstick against another Tempest ...
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    another funny

    What airline pilots should never say to a charter flight full of senior citizens, We are on final approach.
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    Weird Car Problem

    Really outdated, but I had the same problem on a 1977 Ford van. It turned out to be a failing electronic ignition . It appeared the weak spark would not fire the fuel mixture when going from idle to full throttle. I know it's outdated but if all else fails might be worth a look. Bob
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    Oil/Oil Pressure

    Late 50's, 8n low oil pressure at idle. Replaced the engine with a used one...same problem. Put in a new oil pressure gauge and problem fixed. Might be worth a try. Bob
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    Screen for sediment bowl input ??

    Might try Model A Ford Parts, Part number 13280 - Fuel Tank Filter Screen or 13000 - might work. Good luck, Bob
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    50 HZ motor

    I had a similar problem with an air compressor. I found the aluminium ground wire had broken at the utility pole. Utilities replaced the wire and all was good. Good luck.
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    Memory check

    I was in Air Force Pilot Training in Big Spring, Tx when Kennedy was shot. Just finished morning flight schedule and evening class schedule was canceled. When the Towers were hit I was on the floor of a retail hardware store in Farmers Branch, Tx when the wife called with the news.
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    What is it

    Looks like a Kerosene jug that was used on the old Kerosene cook stoves.
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    Field ready

    What memories! Mid 50s on a 2N Ford mowing and raking in front of one of those monsters. Tough old bailer pulled it with a Farmall Regular. Boy, would that plunger shake that old tractor. Drought was so bad we bailed everything but cordwood. The worst was broom corn.

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