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    1958 Ford 851 Sediment Bowl part number?

    I would say 311272, what you received YT shows as NCA9155D. New Holland still lists 311272, below is a link to Messicks. Select Fuel Systems category and Fuel Tank and related parts. Of course NH is expensive but you can shop. Messicks Ford 850
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    Battery question

    I bought these in 2016 when they were $50. They are still going. I also have a $70 version in my truck which replaced a Maxx, no problems yet.
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    Steering cylinder ball joint - Part sourcing

    Oops, wrong end assembly, 309526 is what you're looking for I think, #38, at least diagram has a separate PN for the end 310788.
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    Steering cylinder ball joint - Part sourcing

    I don't think the part numbers given are right for an 861, they are for an HD Industrial such as the 4140. Below is a diagram. Try some of these numbers paying attention to your serial number and year. Look for both kit and different number for end alone.
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    Ford 2000 Offset ID

    That's how they did the date on the radiator, month and year, not a tag. Is it 10 68 or 10 63? Below is my radiator date mark from a 57 840. The full part number for the radiator is C5NN-8005-AB so your marking appears to be an abreviated part number.
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    How to read NAA serial number

    It's just a serial number, for some info go to the John Smith Ford Tractor ID page below and scroll down to the Jubilee-NAA section. John Smith Ford Tractor ID
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    help with Ford 3000 ID

    If you do a quick web search for 87800081 you'll get hits for a 201 (3.3 l.) 3 cyl diesel. Link below is an example that lists some tractor models. RF Engines 87800081
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    Ford 2000 Offset ID

    Here's my original 1957 TSX-706 carb showing the year (57), TSX-706, and Ford's part number (EAF-9510-G). They didn't put a full date code on, only the year, looks like yours might be a 73. Sorry to add to the confusion.
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    Ford 2000 Offset ID

    312954 is the Ford part number for a TSX765 carburetor. I don't think there's a date code present. The carb labeling was inconsistent over time. My 1957 original carb had the info on a brass disc embedded into the carb where that circle with a hole is below the tag in your picture. It...
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    Ford 2000 Offset ID

    Yep that's the format of the usual Ford date code. When you see the inverse screw head marks at the edges it usually means the image was added at the time of casting. Another place to check for a date is the brass tag spot on the MS carburetor (if the carb looks original)
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    Ford 2000 Offset ID

    I'm going to say what you already know, it's a 2000, not a 541 because of the sheet metal. 2000 offset was only 63 and 64, 541was 59-62. C0NN 6015G is the engine block code consistent with a 134 CI engine. No realistic way to trace back to original SN unless previous owner has some sort of...
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    Ford 2000 Offset ID

    Put some pictures on the Ford Board along with casting/date codes found on the engine/center housing/rear axle. The Ford crowd loves to comment on this type of thing.
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    Ford 2000 Offset ID

    The model number shown, 21201, is for the All Purpose variant (standard four-wheel agricultural with adjustable front axle): 2 : 2000-series, 134 CI engine 1 : 1963 or later model year 20 : All Purpose as described above 1 : 4-Speed w/ Transmission PTO An offset model would have 11 in the...
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    Wain Roy Backhoe

    The Wain-Roy Bronco receives scant mention in the book "Wain-Roy and the Invention of the Backhoe". Prior to the Rustler/Bronco Wain-Roy mainly manufactured backhoe units for integration into other brands. Below are two pages from the book with pictures of the Bronco. I think you are right...
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    Seal kit needed for FoMoCo loader

    You can try this ... tractordata reports that the Ford 515 uses 745-Series loader 19-863. Actually you should have a data plate on the loader with this information. Anyway take a look at the online diagrams for the 19-863 at the link below and see if things match up. Select the diagram for...
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    One armed loader update

    For 8N mounting kit diagrams go to link below and select diagram 005. Messicks 711 loader diagrams
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    Dual loader cylinder repair

    Already mentioned, go to Baum Hydraulics, Redbook, download and browse Seal Booklet 1 - SEAL KITS FOR: Farm Equipment. There is a section for DUAL. Baum Redbook
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    Ford Jubilee Hood with raised lettering

    This is getting a bit off the subject, Powermaster appeared on the 800 and 900 sometime in the 1957 model year in the form of the "spinning gear" decal (different from the 801/901 Powermaster decal), but the Workmaster didn't appear until the 601/701 series model year 1958. Below is the decal...
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    1957 Ford 850 carburetor

    I took a closer look at your tag, it has a probable date code of 3 55 probably meaning March of 1955, and also the number 593, probably for TSX-593. This would be a correct original carb for a 1955 Ford 850. Are you sure your tractor is a 1957? If so the carb has probably been replaced with...
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    HD 15 information

    I'm going to guess that a Ford HD-15 is a Ford 755 backhoe attachment. Maybe Ford put an HD-15 label on it to differentiate between the 750 (10 ft), 753 (13 ft), and 755 (15 ft, really heavy). Below is a picture I grabbed from an auction site on the Internet. Parts diagrams are available at...

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