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    Blown Head Gasket Impact on Valve Seats!

    On re-build of 172 sleeveless gas engine from a 1964 HD Industrial, the Head Gasket was blown between cylinders 2 & 3. These are some photos of the erosion and pitting of exhaust valves and seats due to burning water instead of gas. The seat on the left is intake, the one on the right is...
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    Steering cylinder ball joint - Part sourcing

    Shaun, I am having the exact same problem with my 4140 tie rod ends (not the drag link ends). I am looking for the modern cat. numbers for the original ford parts numbers 309567 and 309568. Does anyone know where one can get a list of the replacement numbers used on these older parts that also...
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    tractor paint

    For what it is worth, here are my own user points. 1) Red paint oxidizes and fades in sunlight faster than other colors. 2) like painting a house, prep is over 90% of what needs to be done, any paint shot over metal that has even the thinnest film of oil or wax is a waste of money as it will...
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    Quick Question - Should I Use Lock Washers on Flywheel Bolts?

    Thanks Jim, I think I will just go with the locktite for insurance. Got the engine resting on a floor jack with the chain hoist above, so it should let me get the torque right. Will be another couple of months to get everything done. Hopefully this time when I do go for start up, I will not...
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    Quick Question - Should I Use Lock Washers on Flywheel Bolts?

    I am marrying up my 4140 rebuilt engine to my bellhousing, and the flywheel bolts did not have any split lock washers when I removed it. The bolts are not drilled for wire (I think this was only done on the Ns). There is no lock ring for the bolts. The bolt heads are slotted, but are not...
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    Ford 850 common issues

    I completely rebuilt my 850 last year. I had a standard model, and have since replaced the steering with OEM power steering which is critical for the front end loader I have on. Also put on rear wheel heavy duty pie weights, put in a single spool hydraulic line that is used when I replaced the...
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    860 vs 8n

    What is wrong with youall. He should buy them both.
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    Ford HD Industrial - Complete Power Steering Resto Questions

    Have not worked on the lines as yet. Am in the middle of a full engine rebuild. My plan of action is to use the guys behind the counter at NAPA, and also to spend a few minutes with my nearby hydraulics repair shop. I do want to keep it as close to original as possible, so I will stay with the...
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    Anyone else have a Problem with YT sending wrong parts?

    I spoke with YT this monday morning. They were able to understand the problem was YT had the wrong item number on their web site. They are issuing me a credit for the gasket set, and I will re-order using the newly corrected item number. Not certain if they will ask me to send the old one...
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    Anyone else have a Problem with YT sending wrong parts?

    Checked Spam, no replies there. I probably do rely too much on emails for communication, but still......
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    Anyone else have a Problem with YT sending wrong parts?

    Posting because Y-T has not responded to my 2 emails already this week. I had a parts order dated Feb 9 that included a full gasket set described on their web site as "Full Gasket Set Ford 800 - 4000 (62-64) Overhaul Gasket Set for Engine heads that use 7/16" head bolts" Item 106275 $63.00...
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    Iron Scinter Clutch Replacement Query.

    I am up to replacing my clutch on my 1964 4140 HD Industrial which apparently has an original or OEM iron scinter clutch assembly. It is the standard 10" with 15 spline and 1" hub, which is a standard size. The HDs originally came with iron scinter pressure plate and disc. The one I have now...
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    Hd industrial 4140 ps pump.

    I just purchased an aftermarket transmission or power steering cooler, just a mini radiator, ($35) strapped it to the new tractor radiator. All one does is to remove the two return lines that goes into the lower tank on the original factory set up, and run those two lines through the new mini...
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    Hd industrial 4140 ps pump.

    I have the same 4140 1964 HD Industrial which I am restoring right now. I just finished rebuilding my entire power steering system and pump. The original pump is very easy to find, it is the standard Eaton PS pump used on multiple Ford tractors of the late 1950s into the 1960s, the one with...
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    Omni Question and HVLP Setting

    I"ve used Omni for about 4 years. I use the primer, then the sealer, then the paint. I have always stuck with the data sheet mixing ratios, except that I have found that when mixing the paint I actually use more thinner, not less, and I also use about 30 psi pressure. I probably lose more in...
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    1964 Ford 4000 Heavy Duty Industrial grill emblem

    OK, the "Industrial" does not have adjustable front axle, but it is not as heavy duty or strong as the HD model. Also, many of these tractors have been altered in the past 60 years with replacement transmissions, trumpets, etc. over the years. If yours has the cast iron front, then it is the...
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    1964 Ford 4000 Heavy Duty Industrial grill emblem

    Yes, there are huge differences between the 1964 era Ford Industrial versus the Heavy Duty Industrial, these include the significant difference in the front axle, which on the HD is not adjustable and is super strong. I strongly suggest that you take the time to pick up the correct manuals for...
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    1964 Ford 4000 Heavy Duty Industrial grill emblem

    Don't have a picture of mine, but earlier in this thread Andy included a link to a clear photo of the correct emblem. Just click on the short line in his message that says "YT Industrial Emblem". This is the correct one, and I think they sell them on this site for about $100 or so. There is a...
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    1964 Ford 4000 Heavy Duty Industrial grill emblem

    We have the exact same tractor. The "Industrial" metal circular emblem is widely available as a restoration part. Prior reply is correct, they are available from this site, D-C, and others. There is a bent piece of flat metal that goes on the inside that is the bracket that holds the emblem...
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    Engine Rebuild Questions 172cid Sleeveless

    Dan, thanks very much. This is exactly the information and advice that I needed. Everyone has been really helpful, but people come at this from different directions and with different experience and training. My other re-builds were simple as they were all sleeved engines. Because this one...

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