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    Tach cable lube

    Bought a generic replacement cable from Dorman through Amazon. Have it cut to length now and may use graphite lube or white lithium that I have on hand. Thanks for the suggestions. Steve.
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    Tach cable lube

    Replacing the tach cable on my 2-105 4wd. This is the style with the plastic tab on the back of the tach head. Lots of replacement tach cables for the threaded nuts on both ends. My housing appears to be in good shape. My question is what everyone uses for tach cable lube that won't gum up in...
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    Mobility Big Dipper Loader

    I Have had one of those for several years. The Farmers Coop that I worked at in Central WI had several of them to work in fertilizer plant. Yours is in much better shape than mine. Mine has a forklift attachment and the loader arms are there but welded down. Mine has a Ford 172 power unit...
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    1800A parts

    A couple weeks ago an 1800A Diesel sold at a consignment auction in Central Wis. for $1600. It was not running but did move front pulley with fan. Complete but rough and I thought that was high. Steve.
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    Oliver 1800A Pto

    Thanks for checking out your PTO. I can't read numbers on caliper but the plug in the pictures look the same as mine. The plug I put back in was roughly 1 1/4 inch tall. Got tractor back together and working again. time will tell if it works long term. Only put about ten hours a year on this...
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    Oliver 1800A Pto

    You could be right. I looked at the picture and it does appear longer. I put everything back together today and with the shaft pushed all the way forward there is still 1/4 inch gap between the longer plug i have and snap ring. I may put a couple washers behind plug until I can check into that.
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    Oliver 1800A Pto

    Snap ring was in place when I pulled the shaft. The plug is worn shorter and the shaft has a cone worn on end.
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    Oliver 1800A Pto

    I was using my 1800A on a 3 pt. stump Grinder and the pto stopped and started grinding at back of engine. Pulled the shaft and it was stripped out in the last 1/8 inch of splines. Pulled the engine and the solid pto hub in flywheel was also stripped for 1/8 inch of about 1 inch engagement...
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    1750 Flat Repair

    I change my own rear tractor tires so I don't have that expense. I feel a patched older tube will last longer than the standard tractor tubes you get now. If I put in a new tube it is a heavy duty or good name brand. Steve.
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    Seed corn

    Do you have a Fleet-Farm near you? They do carry some bags of field corn. They are popular throughout Wisconsin, but don.t know if they go into Illinois.
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    scrap metal price

    I will echo what casecollector said. Took in some short iron, cast and aluminum along with a damaged stainless steel Maple syrup pan. After everything was weighed up, he hands me a slip to sign. After I signed the slip he says, " O that syrup pan is steel not stainless steel because handles are...
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    Alternator Confusion, Positive Ground

    One other quick check to rule out would be a battery that is charged up backwards. generally this happens when battery is low or dead and a charger is hooked up backwards. Easy to check with a multi meter, is battery 12 volts or -12 volts. Doesn't happen often but will mess with your head. Steve.
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    1978 IHC Grain Truck

    Was questioning my memory so did some research on the IH v8-300 diesel. Otherwise known as DVT-573 in 240 and 260 HP. Not a popular engine in the early 70's. Did Fleet maintenance for a local farmers coop and had over 20 trucks with DT466 engines from A models up to the electronic. Tough simple...
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    1978 IHC Grain Truck

    Brother in law had an early 60's 1 1/2 ton IHC with a 304 gas engine in it. Still have the frame and bed as a dump trailer. Worked for an IH dealer in the early 80's and heard about a local trucking company with IH V8-300 engine. there was a section in the IH service manual, but never saw one in...
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    Mixed fleet antifreeze recommendations

    I belong to my local Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Department as I think many other on this board do. I am in charge of maintenance for our vehicles. My question about the various types of antifreeze recommended by Cummins, Cat, Ford Diesel and Gas, Navistar, and GM gas. This has to be an issue...
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    John Deere 55v Chainsaw question

    I have two 55V John Deere saws under my workbench. The intention was to make one runner out of two. Have enough projects for several lifetimes like most of the others on this site. Both have spark if I remember right. Steve.
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    Ford 172 diesel squealing noise, no oil pressure, loose harmonic balancer bolt, and white smoke out of breather

    The Ford 172 engine was used in a lot of different things. I have a Mobility Little Dipper that is a loader built around a Ford 172 Power Unit. I have seen water pumps using same engine. Look around your area there may be sources for a replacement engine. Steve.
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    How many remember the date you joined the service

    May 25 1982, 5 days after High School graduation. Boot Camp San Diego.
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    Tractor size for square baling?

    I grew up on an 160 acre dairy farm in central Wisconsin. We baled probably 3000 small squares a year. We used an Allis WD on a new holland baler with flat rack behind. We were on pretty flat ground and the Allis worked great with the hand clutch
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    White 2-70 Carb icing up

    Could your problem be related to the throttle shaft freezing. Worked on a 6600 gas john deere combine that was overrevving at end of field when combining corn in fall. Turned out the throttle shaft was freezing from running at full throttle and would break loose after a second. Lubed up shaft...

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