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    Storing Funnels

    I use a clean 5 gallon bucket and lid to stack/store my funnels. I trim the locking ring off of the lid so it doesn't lock onto the bucket. The funnels stay clean in the bucket. If I have more funnels than will fit into the bucket, I get rid of the excess funnels.
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    Looking for replacement tailwheel

    This doesn't address your damaged hub although it looks like the hub would be easy to fix. Here's pictures of a tail wheel assembly repair that I made on my son's mower. The main components consist of a scrap '68 Ford pickup front hub and spindle and a few other common scrap materials that are...
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    530 lower radiator hose B77R replacement

    I did the same on my JD 50. My son the auto tech swaged the end of a piece of exhaust pipe to match the water pump and head fittings. It's almost too easy. . .
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    Curious about a couple of tool finds

    Rock Island is a good vice. I have a big one dated 1901. I use it every day.
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    Portable hog floor

    Yes, much nicer than our homemade floors. Hog manure is very corrosive though. I'm still sceptical.
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    Portable hog floor

    Many years ago, we had two portable hog floors. They were very crude by modern standards. Made with used power poles for skids and sawmill lumber for the floor, fencing and shelter. They worked good for a short time, but they didn't weather well. Hogs are hard on equipment and untreated lumber...
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    Power trol operation for a 1948 John Deere model A

    11 quarts? Engine oil? That seems like a lot. My 630 and 620 each hold around 8 quarts. I haven't owned an "A" for over 45 years, so my memory could be failing. . .
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    Anti-seize used in aluminium castings?

    Will the copper particled anti-seize cause corrosion between steel bolts and an aluminum casting? The print is unreadable on the tube. I got to thinking about copper/aluminum issues with electrical wiring and wondered if I was doing more harm than good. This is on a Honda ATC brake cover that...
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    John Deere MC

    Bad things? It's OLD and probably severely worn out. There will be an old retired dozer operator somewhere in your neighborhood. Find him! Hire him to look at this dozer! He will see and disclose more valuable information to you than anyone on this blindfolded forum can provide. Buy him...
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    JD 60 3pt looses pressure

    On my 50, I dialed the relief valve pressure down a couple hundred PSI. It's my mowing tractor, and it only needs to lift a New Holland sickle mower. Even with the pressure dialed down it will still lift the front wheels off of the ground if I overload the three point.
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    its not a tool but ,

    I have one hanging on a post in the shop. My dad, who was born in 1884, called it a strop, and when he used it he said that he was stropping his razor. Occasionally he warned that he was gonna strop my butt if I didn't straighten up.
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    What loader are these for?

    Those tines look like they would fit a 45 loader.
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    JD 620 transmission to powershaft seal

    Also - you used the words "freely spin". I can turn my PTO shaft with the controls as I mentioned above, but I would not consider it to be a "freely spin". When I grease my sickle mower I have to rotate the drive mechanism to get to some of the fittings. The large drive pulley on the mower...
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    JD 620 transmission to powershaft seal

    My experience - to turn the PTO shaft by hand, the short gear-mesh lever must be disengaged and the foot clutch must be engaged. If the foot clutch is disengaged the PTO brake will prevent the shaft from turning.
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    Ever try to sell used disc blades?

    A friend with big equipment gave me a pile of used disk blades after he changed them out on his BIG disk. The center hole on the used blades fits my little Kewanee disk perfectly. I'm set for life concerning disk blades. Which reminds me - a few months ago I was southbound on Illinois 13/127...
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    Need some advice on harrows behind a Ford 8N

    I don't know anything about gopher mounds, but I use a three section Sparta harrow flipped upside down to knock down/scatter cow pies. They're cheap and a worn out one will work for that purpose just as good as a brand new one. Your 8N would easily pull that but remember not to turn too sharp...
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    John Deere 730 Diesel Pony 6v to 12 v conversion wiring diagram.

    I don't have a wiring diagram. It sounds like you want to use a 12-volt battery and get away from the 6-volt battery. Could you live with two 6-volt batteries? I don't know if two 6-volt batteries will fit in your battery box. My brother has a nice little 47 Plymouth coupe that was 6 volts...
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    Potato digger

    I made a digger resembling a middle buster with rods on the back side to filter the spuds from the soil. It's definitely a labor saver. I think that I should have used smaller diameter rods. 7/8" was what I had in the scrap pile at the time. I think that 3/8" or even 1/4" would have worked...
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    Good brand of pressure washer pump?

    Lots of people saying Cat - and I agree!
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    Feeling a little proud here

    My first [and only] magneto experience was when I was in high school. I bought a late JD B with cultivators for $50. The tractor had no spark. I took the magneto off, took it home and diligently cleaned and polished every fractional inch of it. To test it, I rigged a short wire from one of...

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