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    1957 Ford Work Master power steering drive pully

    Is there a slot lengthwise along the shaft that the pulley came off of? Likewise, is there a slot on the inside of the hole in the middle of the pulley? If so, then a missing woodruff key is the problem. Look close, if the key has sheared as old said might have happened, then the broken pieces...
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    Ford 2600

    White smoke is unburned fuel, so the new injectors are probably injecting too much fuel into the cylinder when they pop off. Why did you replace the injectors (or any of the other parts for that matter)? Were you having a problem or problems that were diagnosed properly to point to those parts...
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    ford 4610 ID

    other than the typo in the model number (4610, not 4619), Destroked has it all correct.
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    Alternator w/tach drive conversion

    x600 means anything in the 2600/3600/4600/5600 series. You should start your own new thread for your question. This thread is over 5 years old.
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    2600 gas engine. Can't turn it off

    I am guessing that there is an external resistor on the primary of the coil and that there is also a bypass wire attached to the solenoid to supply the full 12 volts to the coil during startup, and that you have the bypass wire connected to the wrong small post on the primary. Without seeing all...
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    ford 6600 engine will not rotate 360 degrees

    As Jeff Foxworthy would say... "Heck, that'll buff right out!" 😁
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    Ford 850 hydraulic 3 point surge

    The piston and cylinder are likely fine. It's just the seal on the piston that deteriorates over time and needs to be replaced. I believe that model uses an o-ring as the main seal, plus it has a backup ring, which I think is made of metal. Replace both.
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    424 International Hydralic Lift

    This is the forum for Ford tractors, not International.
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    Does Anyone need a Repair Manual for Ford 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 Tractors

    That looks like the standard Ford Repair manual for the 1965+ thousand series. The ones that I've seen cover the 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 7000 series tractors. The first page inside the cover should say what series it covers. The "New Model" updates section covers the changes made on 4/1/1968...
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    Ford 4000 SU Diesel. Is engine oil age an issue even if hours on that oil are low?

    Most water contamination is due to condensation after running the tractor and it cools off. The trans and rear axle are vented to the outside air, so condensation can get into both, and working the tractor hard should heat things up and drive the condensation out. If you do not work it hard...
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    Ford 850 Front blade hydraulic pipe and hose connection?

    It sounds like it has a double acting cylinder that provides power to both lift and lower the blade, but a few pictures would be most helpful to us so that we can be better informed in order to help you. If the blade has a dual acting cylinder, and all you have is a diverter valve, then you will...
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    Ford 850 hydraulic 3 point surge

    The most likely cause is the lift cylinder piston seal leaking. When in position control mode, the position of the main lift control handle tells the system what position you want the arms to be in. So when you raise the handle the valve opens and fluid is pumped into the cylinder until the arms...
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    Ford 4000 SU Diesel. Is engine oil age an issue even if hours on that oil are low?

    I change the motor oil in all of my equipment yearly if they don't get enough miles or hours to reach the manufacturer's recommended oil change cycle in a year. It's cheap insurance. Running an engine, even once after an oil change, causes the oil to become acidic from the byproducts of...
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    Ford 641 Carburetor Float, Has Me Pulling My Hair!

    Is it the original Marvel-Schebler carb, or a replacement Zenith, or a knock-off of one or the other?
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    1955 ford 860 Over Heating

    How full are you filling it? You should not fill it to the top of the upper tank where the radiator cap is. You should only fill it to an inch or so above the core tubes. If you fill it to the top it will spit coolant out even when it is not really too hot. There needs to be some air in the top...
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    NEED HELP WITH FORD 555 1967

    The 555 was made from 1978-1983, so it is either not a 1967 tractor or it is not a 555. The predecessor to the 555 that was made in 1965 was the 5500 (1965-1970), and then came the 5550 (1970-1975), and then the 550 (1975-1978) and then the 555 (1978-1983). They are all basically the same...
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    ford 3000 timing

    You don't really need to do that. You just need to know which terminal the rotor is pointing to when the number one piston is at the TDC of its compression stroke and connect the wire for the #1 spark plug to that terminal and follow the firing order from there.
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    ford 4000 hydraulic fluid

    The third number is up above the ones that you found, in the rougher part of the casting. You may need to use a wire brush to remove some paint to find them.
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    Steering cylinder ball joint - Part sourcing

    The parts site should list the latest part number if they have been superseded over time. You can also go to the details of the part and click on the "Alternatives" link, which should pop up a window listing alternative part numbers if there are any available. Unfortunately it looks like 309567...
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    72 ford 4000 flow control valve

    The flow control valve is on the right side of the tractor. It originally had a black plastic knob, which might be missing or might have been painted over at some point. If you've removed the lift cover without a service manual, you should get a service manual. That will tell you how to service...

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