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    9N 3 Point Arms not Raising

    I’ve been meaning to post a picture after i have most things working well, new rims, and some different tires. 75 years of tractor evolution in this picture. I wonder if the newer tractor will still be around in 75 year. Thanks again to everyone here who helped me get grandpas tractor going...
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    9N 3 Point Arms not Raising

    Wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help from this group. The new rims arrive tomorrow so that will be the next challenge. What have people found has worked the best for lube to get the tires on? Thanks, DJ
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    9N 3 Point Arms not Raising

    Had some time this past weekend to play with it. After spraying it up with Kroil and moving it back and forth a couple times with a bar it now moves freely with the lever. I put the oil back in and fired it up. The arms go up and down like they should. What I thought was going to be a major...
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    9N 3 Point Arms not Raising

    I got the spool to move in without too much pressure. Is it supposed to move in and out when moving the lift arm or do I need to put oil back in and run it? Thanks, DJ
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    9N 3 Point Arms not Raising

    I had some time and took off the right side cover and drained the oil. Mine looks just like your photo. Spool is out and not moving. Next move is to try and get it to move. Thanks again for everyone's help. I am sure there are more questions coming.
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    9N 3 Point Arms not Raising

    Jim, I can lift the arms by hand very easily. Does this indicate something? Thanks, DJ
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    9N 3 Point Arms not Raising

    Thanks for the information. This gives me some items to check on but first I need to finish up with maple syrup. Tim one of the first things I did was drain and change all the fluids and yes it was quite milky from moisture. Thanks, DJ
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    9N 3 Point Arms not Raising

    Grandpas 9N has been sitting in a shed for 8 - 10 years and when the shed started to fall down it was pulled outside for the last year. I brought it home and thought i would try to get it going. It’s an older 9N with the starter switch in the dash but it does have an 8N engine in it with the...
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    New Idea 14A Spreader

    Hi, I am located between Stevens Point and Wis. Rapids.
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    New Idea 14A Spreader

    Starting to clean up the place. Is anyone interested in any parts from a New Idea 14A Spreader? I used it up until 10-15 years ago so mechanicals are good the wood is bad. Hate to scrap it if someone could use some parts. It is located in Central Wisconsin. Thanks dj
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    Round baler newbie

    Hi, I have baled with an 8420 for probably 10 years or more. If the picture you show is with door all the way up you have an issue since mine goes up a quite a bit more than that. I have also found out it works the best to leave tractor PTO running at the same speed as you were baling, put the...
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    case 400 fuel tank

    If you get more than one option for a fuel tank let me know since I am also looking for a tank for a 400 diesel. The place mentioned near Gillette Wis. appears to be closed. Next option will be to weld a patch on the bottom where the issue is. Thanks for everyone's help. DJ
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    Help Identifying Disk

    Hi, Just pulled this disk out of the brush. Can anyone help identify what brand of disk it is? Not too bad of shape. Needs a few blades and it will be ready for working the food plots. If it can be identified what color would it have been? I would like to paint it to make it look original...
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    New Holland Parts - 469 Haybines and Super 66 Baler

    I plan to do some spring cleaning and hate to scrap them if someone can use parts or wants to fix them. There are 2 469 haybines one complete wth a cracked gearcase and one partially disassembled. Also have 2 spare sickles for the haybines. Super 66 Baler is complete but has been sitting outside...
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    Looking for 66 baler needles

    I have a complete super 66 that I am looking to move on and hate to scrap. It has been outside but complete.. I am in central Wisconsin if anyone is interested. Thanks.
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    New Holland 469 Haybine Bearings

    Does anyone know the bearing numbers for the bearings in the wobble box on a NH 469 Haybine? The parts book that I have for it doesn't have the bearing number only a description and I would like to price them at a bearing store and not a New Holland dealer. Thanks for your help. DJ

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