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    Fixture for tapping threads

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I'llhave to do some surfing.
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    Curious about a couple of tool finds

    Just got a new one last September , gift from my son. I have used on for the past twenty years.
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    Fixture for tapping threads

    I have alway had trouble getting theads start strait. Does anyone built fixture to do this? I've thought about using a old hand drive drill press. THANKS Bill
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    Curious about a couple of tool finds

    I have one I bought about 1970 mine has a hi and low electrode connection it will run 7018 at a few more heat settings, mine will still run, but have not used in twenty years. Great unit for the time period
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    rod weeder

    I have 12'ft John Deere in near new condition, last used in 1984 likely new in 1960.
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    Tool Prices....

    Dusty, my Dad had Plumb tools, he bought them in the 1930's I have all that were left of his when he passed in 1985. Plumb was the predecessor of Proto, I have been collecting them for 40 years.
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    New tractor without DEF as a selling point?

    I think MF has one in the 90 hp range that doesn't require DEF
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    Ever try to sell used disc blades?

    The FFA chapter in Omaha Texas built LP gas fire cookers out of them and sold them locally.
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    British Train Video 22/3

    Brian, if you make it to Colorado's Northwest I would be happy to show you around, our history is resent as the Indians burned the agency, kill the men and kidnaped the women and children in September 1879.
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    Looking for a new toy

    I have both a Yamaha and Polaris, both good but next one will by a Honda.
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    How many people still fill a grease gun by hand, from a 5 gal pail? Pushing grease to the bottom of the gun with a flat piece of wood. Stan

    We have one in a old barn used it when I was a kid. I used tube for at least 55 year.
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    Monday Harvester 11/3

    Brian, I cannot believe the price of new plot machines, I serve on board of non profit involved in producing foundation grasses for reclamation projects in high elevation areas of the western US and we are looking for a new machine.
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    Average age of user

    80 for another 4 months. Wonder why I lasted this long.
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    Blackhawk tools

    My parts store changed lines of tools 20+years ago I bought their Metric display board complete combo 34mm down plus 3/8 deep sockets 24mm down I got a great price .. BlackHawk. The only replacement have been from a fea market.
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    1030CK seat

    I had a seat wear out on a 930 western special. I got a salvaged seat from a 70 series had my daughter re cover it that was a great upgrade
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    Full Time Farming With Massey Ferguson

    One neighbor had a 1100 only used to farm a few years, but in that time more than three times the purchase price was spent repairing it. 30 years ago another neighbor had aquired it, I doubt that less than $1500 has been spent. All it has been used for is mowing hay baling and loader work on...
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    So where they worth it sockets

    Great find I'm always looking for old plunb tools I've been collecting them for years that was the brand my Dad used. Plumb was the ancestor of Proto. I have some that were built for the US Army air base near Los Angles also.
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    Bale Kicker vs NH Stackliner - Back In The Day

    I loved the NH Super 1049, I bought in 1980 it is is the only machine I really know I made money with. I stacked 250 to 300 tons for my self , 430 to 500 tons for my brother in law. He baled my hay I didn't have to own a baler. I also stacked another 15-20,000 baled per year. I paid $18000...
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    Leaking Pond

    Try a product called PAM we use it to keep stock ponds and irrigation ditches from leaking. Check with your local Conservation District.
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    Friday Extra 3

    My son is tearing down the old Letournea steel mill in Longview tx . the mill is currently owned by Newcore. this where Komatsu builds their large haul trucks.

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