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    International 2350 loader

    The 2350 loader is made for larger tractors, it would be way out in front of the tractor ,not much traction on rear tires.
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    Massey 1100 Front Hydraulic Filter

    I bought a 1130 that had not been used for some time ,there is a wire mesh cup ,remove the plate under the tractor ,everything worked fine after cleaning it .
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    Massey Ferguson 1080

    Bought a 1130 that had sat for long time hydraulic oil looked new but after getting it running lost power steering and multi power, there is a wire mesh filter under the pickup that was plugged, on the 1130 had to drain the oil and remove heavy plate including mesh filter .
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    It is a guide wheel used when plowing , runs in the furrow .
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    Suitcase weight price

    I sold 10 Ford weights of an IH tractor couple years back for 1000.00 with high price of everything may be worth more now .
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    Most reliable/depenable

    We still have and use an International 1256 ,lot of power and good on fuel .
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    Oliver model 70 engine

    Thanks for the help, have a 70 with bad engine so now know what to search for .
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    Oliver model 70 engine

    Did Oliver use Oliver built engines in the 70 ,was told they had the Continental engine .
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    1566 IH blackstripe.

    The last of the 1566 black stripe had the 86 series features , solid draw bar, serial number under platform beside hydraulic filter and 3 point .
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    Allis_on _auction_block

    I was thinking the Allis 440 was a Versatile 555 .
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    Spring pics

    Nice pictures, a fine line of International equipment .
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    Oliver $1000 good or bad

    Had one for years with no issues, not much out there to buy for 1000.00
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    Wife material

    Yes wife material and a Canadian built tractor .
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    Whats your go to tractor, in the -40-50 old category?

    Waiting for land to warm and dry to get our Massey 1130 on the cultivator .
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    whats your oldest running tractor you have?

    My oldest include a 1958 John Deere 820 and 1959 International 660.
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    For old times sake

    I enjoyed the Oliver pictures very much , I still have the Oliver 88 row crop with wide front .
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    Inventory of used tractors

    There is very a small selection of good older models to be found ,stop to think the Deere 30 series will be 50 years old in 2023 and 86 series International 45 in 2023 .
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    A nice old tractor

    We have a John Deere 3020 standard gas and an I-H 856 gas ,used for road tours now .
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    pic's from Lebanon expo

    That is a very nice display of lawn and garden tractors ,I like that Allis
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    Wall Decoration

    That is a great collection of pictures ,would like to decorate my wall same way .

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