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    Case 580B power steering not holding

    Those cylinders look to be a lot heavier than any I have seen on a B, nevertheless the cylinders look good and should work as they have been, the seals on the piston are the one to hold the steering in position, the seals must be good there, someone may have upgraded the cylinders as the parts...
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    Case 580B power steering not holding

    The correct cylinders are duel acting cylinders piped in series, I have never seen any other set up, when I say piped in series means there are two lines coming from the orbital valve (steering box) if it is standard cylinders each cylinder will have two connections, one line will go to the rod...
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    steering clutch of T6 international crawler

    The clutch on the T6/TD6 must be compressed before it can be removed, there are three jacking bolts used to do so, I forget the size now as it's sixty years since I have been at one of those, I think the bolts were 7/16 UNC, Go like said to Red Power and someone will have a manual. Good luck AJ
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    What was the oil pressure on a CAT D6 9U back in 1956

    To my knowledge, Cat never spiffed oil pressure for any of their engines, the only info I got is to keep it in the operating range. AJ
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    Cat D5B engine braking question

    There is no mechanical connection between the torque and the transmission, the connection is fluid and you will have no engine braking with that type drive, with a manual drive machine it is possible to adjust the inertia brake to slow up the transmission to allow a smooth gear change., you just...
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    Fuel system draws air ?

    Have you checked the brass gauze in the lift pump, if not take the dome top off the pump you will find the gauze filter underneath it, take out the gauze and clean it, clean the pump body, put things back, bleed and try again, about the pipe sealing rings, if you have a juel injection shop at...
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    Deere 350b exhaust gasket gas engine

    Try for gaskets fir the older tractor. AJ
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    D6B wet clutch stuck/won’t engage.

    More than likely the clutch adjusting ring had not been locked up properly and the inertia movement of the flywheel has caused it to screw itself in tight to the flywheel, all it probably needs is backing off and locking securely. AJ
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    1972 CAT D4D overheating

    Your problem is more than likely the same problem as why the machine was parked in the first place, there has to be a reason it was parked, those were great dozers but were prone to the liners coming loose and the heads cracking should they get hot and have cold water poured in. have a Cat...
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    1972 CAT D4D overheating

    That's ok, next engine warm and on low idle remove the radiator filler cap, (protect your hands), watch the coolant for any sign of air bubbles coming up through it, how is the oil is it clean and the level not rising, do you know if it's a 3304 engine it has, is it manual or power shift. AJ
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    1972 CAT D4D overheating

    That sounds like the radiator is not doing its job. There can be many things that can cause overheating. if the radiator core is blocked internally or externally it can cause the problem you are having, check the difference of the temperature of the bottom and top of the radiator, hot coolant...
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    '60 D6b steering issues

    First thing I would do is the adjustment adjust the steering clutches first and then the brakes, the steering clutches must be disengaged before the brake is applied, you should not steer the machine by force, pull back on both steering levers while going forward, the machine should stop, if not...
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    Pacific and Western Gear Company Dozer

    Never seen one, but I like what I see, what a lovely little tractor, thanks for posting.
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    D2 Caterpillar pony motor fuel lines

    i would be heading for the local hydraulic shop if any can be found nowadays.
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    Installing new brake shoes on 480b case queston

    The drum doubles as an actuator for the disc brake as well as the band, between the disc and the drum there should be four steel balls sitting in sockets both in the drum and disc held together by the said springs, when the brake is applied the band slows up the drum, the drum tries to climb...
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    Buying Advice

    It is quite possible for a final to go out on one side and not the other, some operators tend to be handed and can only operate the machine on one side, draining the oil from the other side and examine it closely for filings or have the oil tested will be a good pointer as to the condition of...
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    I looked up Komatsu's parts site and even though they do list the serial numbers they do not state the year or give any information about the age, try a call to a dealership see if they can help. AJ
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    Case 530 Backhoe but not CK

    If it has an alternator it will be negative ground, if it has a generator it could be either, that era machine was usually positive ground, but it was fading out then, nearly everything this side of the sixties was negative ground, it was common practise to polarize the generator back then for...
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    580 d case backhoe

    Yes PB that is normal AJ
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    Yes, it is a closed system, that bit of pressure helps to force oil into the pump and is normal. AJ

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