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    Need a little Help!

    The front one may have been for a low spot in the housing that the rear one would not drain.
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    Mystery bracket ??? (1953 Super M)

    May have been bracket for Shutter control that has been Bent back.
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    Pictured of the day

    Never mind.
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    IH Plow attachment

    Spare beam to add the third bottom back on ?
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    Tool Wars

    I have one that looked like new seventy years
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    Tool Wars

    Three foot long pipe wrench.
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    Turnabout is fair play---No tractor here!!!

    Not so daffy a duck.
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    bent screwdriver

    I bend them to make brake adjusting tools.
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    Signs of the Times 3/26

    I remember when soda pops left the five cents beanchmark.
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    International 350 utility

    That tag looks like it has been altered for some reason. May be 1350 RPM.
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    SA Wiring Issue

    I would suppose not, so long as you disregarded the connection from the amp meter to a disturbitor.
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    Marine Battery 6V 12V Combination Type ...

    Wow, this dude must have quite an IQ.
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    Farmall C263 governor problem

    C for gasoline engine, d would be diesel engine.
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    idiot of the year award

    That sounds like the kind of people who think it's alright to drive 35 in the Wally world parking lot.
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    Shipping Containers - A Warning

    When they bite me I just put an activated charcoal poltuce on the bite to draw the venom out, works fine for me. Some times I have to take an antibiotic to kill the bacteria he left behind on my skin.
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    David Brown 1394

    If it has electricity wires going to each cylinder it probably does.
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    Does anyone make a cordless shovel ?

    All my shovels are cordless, but they are so old I can't tell who made them.
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    Case 450 Serial Number

    I believe the serial number was stamped on the left main frame up near the injection pump.
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    Welcome to the crib...

    Yeah, maybe before that tree even sprouted.

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