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    John Deere AW Disc Harrow

    I found a JD model AW disc for sale, it is 11 foot wide and has a couple broken discs and needs a tire on one side. The bearings seem good, i didn't hear any noise coming from them and they turned smooth. Only thing that concerned me was at the end of the pickup tube there is a pretty good gap...
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    Gleaner Question

    I have a Gleaner K2 combine that i was going to add a straw chopper onto, what i need though is the size of the rubber guard that keeps cobs from tearing up the straw walkers. We have a rubber and gasket store that should have what i need, does anyone on here know the measurements of the...
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    Chisel Plow Questions

    It just has 2 rows, 5 shanks in the back and 4 in the front.
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    Chisel Plow Questions

    A farmer near me has a chisel plow for sale, it is a 9 shank 3 point hitch Massey Ferguson model 127, I was just wondering how that model does and how it stacks up against other brands. Also, the parts book shows it having a couple decals, one is the MF triangles, and the other is just Massey...
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    Thursday Rust

    Hard to believe that tractor and equipment was once on a dealers lot all new and shiny!
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    MF 127 Chisel Plow

    I had some questions about a chisel plow i found for sale, it is a 9 shank Massey Ferguson model 127, did Ferguson make these or another company for Ferguson?? This one has the gauge wheels and looks to be in good condition, i've never used many MF implements, how do this model rate among...
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    Corn Sheller ID

    I picked this corn sheller up back of this and cannot read any of the lettering on the front or back of it. I'm trying to find out what brand it is and how old it is. The ears go in the top like most shellers but the cobs come out the back of this one. Thanks!
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    Disc Mower

    I am looking at a Bush Hog disc mower, model DM7 and just wondering the good and bad with that model/series. I'm not very familiar with Bush Hog disc mowers and hopefully some of you might be.
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    What in the world is this????

    A guy down the road from me asked if i knew what this piece of equipment is, its got me stumped, i've never seen one and have no clue what it is, let me know if any of you guys can ID it.
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    Main Drive Sprockets

    I was just wondering what the difference is between the two main drive sprockets (that connects the combine with the corn head) on a Gleaner K2 with the 238 black corn head? The outside sprocket is one size larger than the inner one, does one speed up the gathering chains over the other?? The...
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    Potato Planter ID Help

    So i found this 2 row potato planter for sale and i am trying to find out the make and model of it, I can barely read a decal on the hopper, looks like it has a er on the end of the brand but its very hard to read, didn't find a tag on it anywhere. It has the spikes on a wheel that moves the...
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    Potato Planter ID Help

    Do these work good? I've seen videos of the spike pickup's before but never used one, i usually plant several different varieties of potatoes so some of the varieties may only be 100 or so pounds of seed, just wondering when they get down to a few pieces left does someone have to move them...
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    John Deere 265 Mower Question

    ok, i will check that. Thanks
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    John Deere 265 Mower Question

    I got on my JD 265 mower yesterday and started it up, for some reason it would run ok with the brake pedal pushed in but as soon as i would release the brake pedal the engine would die. Does it have a sensor or a push button behind the brake pedal? I looked in the parts book but didn't see...
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    Deere FB drill

    Some parts are available from Deere but they made tons of them back in the day so its still fairly easy to find good used parts. I have a FB-A and i've never had any issues getting parts, there is a place in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania that you can get stuff for them. If it is a good drill at a...
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    Main Drive Sprockets

    No, i've not moved or removed any of the sprockets, the machine and corn head is still like it was when i bought the machine.
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    Main Drive Sprockets

    The two are on the corn head, the sprocket on the combine is smaller than on the corn head, I could use a little more speed on the gathering chains, if i get in really good corn the ears are piling up on the gathering chains and I have to stop and let it put them into the machine, I moved the...
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    JD Fertilizer Spreader

    I have found a JD fertilize spreader for sale, the model is C381 and it is in great shape. I can't find out much about this model, are they a rare item? I've seen one in person and couldn't believe how big the gearbox was on it, basically i was just trying to get any info about them and...
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    Just wondering if anyone on here has seen any clear Vydate insecticide lately?? All i can find is the green but they used to make it as clear as water. Its nice to have so the sprayer tank won't get stained dark green.
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    Gleaner K reel lift cylinder keeps leaking!

    Call Oakley Combine at 919-693-4367, they have a large amount of used and new parts.

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