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    Reminds me of the old story--

    Thats great that your neighbor gave you a 44-6 Massey....I recently could have bought a decent one for $1,000...However,a decent 4020 JD with loader is worth $10,000-15,000....Now,if the guy that went down to pull the 4020 on the trailer told the owner right then and there that it's a $10,000...
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    Reminds me of the old story--

    Tee,its probably a good thing that I never got around to replying on the 4020 John Deere topic yesterday because about 95% of the people on here wouldn't have liked one bit what I had to say about it...I could say lots more but will just bite my tongue for now...If the wifes health allows I'll...
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    Pics Sale Results-11 Tractors- 80 Corvair's And More

    Yesterday I attended a huge sale at the east edge of Carthage,MO..There were 11 old tractors and 135 vehicles...80 of the vehicles were Corvair's..All were rough and not running..There was tons of tools-etc...It was real wet there as they had a 1 inch rain on Wednesday..For sale day it was...
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    Pics Sale Results-11 Tractors- 80 Corvair's And More

    A collector I was talking to ran the gas pump to $1500 and said that was top dollar for it...Auctions with old stuff are tons of fun. Everyone,thanks for the comments.
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    Pics Sale Results-11 Tractors- 80 Corvair's And More

    All I purchased was a hot dog and a Pepsi..Several friends were there and made some smaller purchases...My wifes older step brother had a Corvair and she said that one time 6 of them got in it for a 30 mile ride to the lake...
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    Pics Sale Results-11 Tractors- 80 Corvair's And More

    Unfortunately Ralph couldnt make it.
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    Pics Sale Results-11 Tractors- 80 Corvair's And More

    The old Chevy sold for $700. More than one truck got stuck at the sale..My Ford Ranger was parked just to the left of this stuck Dodge with highway tires....I made it in OK but barely got out when I left at 5 PM. This was the lane to the 135 vehicles..A guy was there with a Bobcat and was...
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    Pics Sale Results-11 Tractors- 80 Corvair's And More

    The gas pump sold for either $1800 or $1850..I was watching the other sale ring when it sold. The IH thermometer sold for $230.. The Model A Ford sold for $3,650..The rear end for it was outside. Another rougher Model A sold for $700 The 1966 Chevelle 2 door which was all apart sold for...
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    GCTC Pull Schedule

    John,thanks for the new schedule..Its good to see that GCTC will pull at Medoc in May..You guys sure had a great pull at Medoc in 2022.
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    One for the Oliver guys!!

    That V-12 has your name written all over it.
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    Cattleman's Pull Russellville,Ky.

    I used the C_ _ _ d word a couple of weeks in another topic and it went bye bye..I didnt know it was off limits.
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    largeauctionoldvehiclesand farm equ kansas usa

    I've been by that place 8-10 times west of Beeler,KS where that big auction will be held on March 4th...That stuff has sat there for years..At one time I think there was lots more there.
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    largeauctionoldvehiclesand farm equ kansas usa

    Theres a big sale coming up on March 25th near Republic,KS... Republic,KS sale
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    Opinions - Large auctions of tractors.

    I guess I'm blind as I cant see a link to the 235 Massey tractors that are for sale in Alberta...I sure would love to see the list...Thanks.
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    I can identify with the tractor puller..(grin) Once pulling season starts I'll probably lose about 15 lbs.
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    best brand of tires

    Keep checking the Outlaw Antique Pulling Forum on Facebook..Probably more 16.9x38's show up on there for sale than any place else..In my area they are hard to come by..
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    Starting a diesel with ether

    When it gets under 50 degrees I have several tractors that will only start with ether...I give them a couple of light sprays in to the intake manifold,count to 10,and they usually fire right off with no rattle..People that give them too much ether will eventually pay the price.
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    Oklahoma Winter Nationals

    No,as bad as my wifes health is I may do good to even make it down on Friday just to watch..Last week at this time she had a severe reaction to her new dementia medicine and things weren't good for the entire week...She recently had some cancer cut out and they think they got it all..I've got my...
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    Oklahoma Winter Nationals

    The weather sounds good with temps in the low-mid 50's for all 3 days...Depending on the wifes health I hope to be there on Friday to watch...It will be sunny and 55 that day..Today its going to be 68 down there.

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