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    ford 841 power master

    Welcome to the forum!! Nice looking Ford, but about twice what it would bring in my area!
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    Three Piece Roloff Weights

    The set I had was 75 lbs each piece , so 225 lbs per wheel.
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    fouling Autolite 437's lately

    NGKs are all I have used for several years w/very little failure.
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    Ford 800 The good the bad and the Ugly?

    If I just wanted to "move bales" & "rake hay" a used construction tractor would not be my first choice as many (most?) construction equipment has been used HARD! Loaders & backhoes are really hard on a tractor IMHO!
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    Starting Issue

    I had an 8N that would fire quickly, but if it didn't keep running it would NOT start w/out a small shot of ether. I thought I had everything set where it should be, but after I (finally) re-checked (again) the point setting & timing (& found them not EXACTLY where they should be!) & was VERY...
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    What is the knack ...

    I took the rod out of an old grease gun, bent it at 90 degrees & formed a "crow foot" end to reach behind & pull the spring end. (The tube in the pic is a piece of conduit for turning the radiator drain cock.)
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    Starting Issue

    I agree w/all that has been said & just want to add that point setting & timing are connected & VERY important. Close may not count!
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    Time for the Herd PIC!

    Today was the day to get the tractors out for some sun, sweep the shop, & take my somewhat annual Herd Pic! (Last pic was 2021) 1945 2N 6 cyl Funk 1953 AC G w/homemade blade 1953 Jubilee w/19-29 rear loader 1953 Fordson New Major Diesel 1961 541 Offset 1963 4000 LCG 1974 2110 LCG
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    Ford 3000 with Westendorf Loader For Sale (Thoughts?)

    Just my opinion, but the Westendorf loader can't be beat!
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    Flywheel ring gear replacement and parts found in bell housing and the case underneath the dash

    Parts look like from a broken starter drive. I have only replaced one ring gear, but I cut the old one & heated the new in my BBQ grill. Others will have better ideas, but it worked for me.
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    Rear wheel

    I guess I did forget to say! How about eastern Iowa!
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    Rear wheel

    I have some good used, but you probably won't be coming by here soon then!
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    Rear wheel

    Where is here? Location?
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    4000 4 cyl hydraulic question?

    UPDATE: I have the top cover torn apart & think maybe I've found the trouble: Is the position control arm supposed to spin freely on the control lever shaft? Mine is stuck tight!
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    lower link seal on an 8n leaks alot

    Is this your wheel weights?
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    39 9N new toy

    I have a brass sediment bowl (bowl only - no other parts of the sediment bowl assembly) I would part with.
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    Clutch Hold-Down tools?

    Another thread has somewhat morphed into this, but made me wonder what Hold-Down tools you use? I'll post 3 of mine to start. Note the long "hook" on each so they are always handy! What are your's?
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    4000 4 cyl hydraulic question?

    Thanks for reminding me. That was my intention, & I got to it this afternoon. Step 1 - "adjust the control spring" - It ACTUALLY TURNED w/out heat & 1/2 turn did it. 2 - Lift arms 1/2" down from full up. (I made a jig to hold it there) 3 - Selector lever in down (draft) position 4 - Touch...
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    4000 4 cyl hydraulic question?

    I pulled the top cover this morning, & the cam follower is in GREAT shape. It actually looks like it might not have even touched the cam for a while! Anybody's next idea? Thanks!
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    4000 4 cyl hydraulic question?

    Thanks! I'm hoping that's what I find!

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