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    Question for the Case experts

    Yes, there were some S models built with center exhaust. I had Joan over at the Case Archives do a little research for me. Case 1941 model year started at 4500001, and the last center exhaust SC was 4503029. Unfortunately, the way Case numbered their tractors was sequential not by model, but by...
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    1927 John Deere D - Resurrection from the Depths

    Good morning, all! I just thought I would share the story of this tractor with you all, and if you wanted to follow along, it is all being chronicled on my YouTube channel (link below). Let me first start by throwing out the disclaimer that I am NOT a professional. I expect criticism at every...
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    1927 John Deere D - Resurrection from the Depths

    Thank you, sir. It has been a challenge finding some parts for this one... I'm discovering a lot about the hunt! Not as easy as an H or M Farmall, that's for sure!
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    1927 John Deere D - Resurrection from the Depths

    It has been fun, for the most part. I've learned a few things regarding order of operations, that is for sure! Veteran's tip: It is FAR easier to remove the axle housings and axles PRIOR TO removing the differential assembly! (It's also easier to have a second set of hands).
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    1927 John Deere D - Resurrection from the Depths

    I can't guarantee that it will be there, but I'm very hopeful I can get it done and running! Look forward to attending, regardless. This year I wanted to spend more time than I did there, but I was suffering from a pretty bad fever. I made it there 4 hours, but the fever coupled with the...
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    1929 GP Throttle/Governor Issue

    Hello all! Well, after about 6 months of work... We were able to hear the 1929 GP breathe for the first time in an unknown amount of time. Fresh carb rebuild, magneto rebuild, governor disassembled, cleaned, and inspected, fan shaft refurbish (new bearings, and clutch discs). Transmission...
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    Case 150 Homecoming to Wisconsin

    Hello all. Just wanted to share a few photos that I took while visiting the Dodge County show in Burnett, WI. I've reunited with the 150 ever since it's unveiling in 2018... Kory, Kevin, and Donna Anderson along with Jeff Detwiler go out of their way to try to talk to, give rides to, and educate...
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    2023 Dodge County Show Recap - Featuring Case

    Hello all! Just wanted to share some photos and the video I took while at the Dodge County show in Burnett, WI. Every year I reunite with the Anderson's and the Case 150, and every year I am blown away. Kory and his family and crew are second to none. They go out of their way to entertain...
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    1929 GP Trans Splined Shaft Troubleshooting

    Hello all! It has been a while since I have posted in any of the forums, but am always reading... I need help. I am helping a friend with his 1929 GP.... We had to replace the splined shaft in the transmission. Let me first start by saying I was not involved in every step of the process on...
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    H Throttle hunting problem solved

    That's exactly what I did with my governor. I used a collared bushing, and put the collar portion behind the seal, that way it cannot loosen up and drift inwards, and the seal will keep it from drifting outwards. Works like a dream.
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    Paper pulley

    Had a pulley done for the Farmall H by them recently. Fantastic work!
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    Poll or old members

    I'm still here. I have been coming to YT since I was about 11 or 12 years old in 1997/1998, reading and posting through mostly the Case, Farmall, MM, and JD forums. Originally, I went by the handle 'FarmallCaseKid', but have since abandoned that and just use my name. I've learned a LOT from...
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    Watched One of Those Hasn't Run in 40 Years...

    Gee... I hope I'm not one of these said 'clowns'.... At least I hope you guys don't think I am a clown. Took this photo of the 1942 Farmall H Suicide Awareness tractor after a healthy 12 snowfall last week... That red really pops on the white. Kens Channel
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    Magneto Shop

    We look forward to being able to help however we can!
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    Magneto Shop

    I know he is currently out of stock on the E4A mags, but if it is something you need ASAP, he can likely put one together from a core that we have in the shop, or you can send yours in to be rebuilt/restored. Either way we can get you fixed up!! Just make sure if you send your original in for...
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    Magneto Shop

    Maybe it is something I can help with? I know his phone voicemail can get full of messages within an hour. What is it you are looking for? I am usually helping at Rudy's shop several days per week... If you can get me your contact information, I can have him contact you.
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    Magneto Shop

    I highly recommend Rudy Calin at I also work with him helping him out when he needs a hand. We service/repair/restore magnetos and carburetors. Rudy has more knowledge regarding magnetos in on finger than I have in my whole body!
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    150 Case 50-Bottom Weekend and Video

    At the South end of the field we did get them to bite in pretty good. You can hear in the video where the engine loads up, and that was where we hit some softer ground for a minute and they really started digging. I am confident the 150 could pull 55-60. The issue is keeping the front end down...
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    150 Case 50-Bottom Weekend and Video

    Hello all! Just thought I would drop in and post some photos from the weekend in Andover, SD with the 150 Case and Kory Anderson. It was a monumental weekend, and I was honored to be part of it by operating a couple bottoms during the world-record plowing event. The ground was hard and dry...
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    Case 150 pulling 50.

    For those that are curious - I had the distinct honor of dropping bottoms in on Saturday for the 150. The engine itself is 32 tons with no water or coal, 36 tons fully loaded. Rear wheels are 54 wide with extensions, 8 feet tall weighing in at over 7,000lbs each. Kory Anderson (the genius behind...

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