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    Ford 860 gas throttle problem

    I agree with show too. Check your hand throttle to belcrank to governor to butterfly linkage.
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    8n 6 volt coil question

    yes, unless your 12v coils are really 6v coils. IE, 12v coil that needs external resistance. If it says that.. try it.
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    Ford 850 shift detent plunger removal

    telescoping magnet pickup tool like dean said.
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    Junkyard Jubilee

    naa did not have a 1 5/8" pto. they left the factory with a 1 1/8" pto short stub.
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    Junkyard Jubilee

    that naa left the factory with a small 1 1/8 pto stub.. short and low diameter. someone slipped a sleeve extension/adapter on it to make it about the same lenght as the new style pto shafts that are 1 3/8" diameter.
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    Ford 601 Carb problem?

    weak spark at the plug is bad. change wires. make sure you are hitting on all cylinders.
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    172 gas Lugging under light load

    kinked line sure could be causing a fuel stoppage. choke just makes the carb try harder to get fuel.
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    172 gas Lugging under light load

    1.25 turns out on the main will, IMHO, always be lean.. open it more. do a test and see if any plugs affect rpm more than others.
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    I have 1 single tractor, a NAA I think sporting a repair stud. works fine.. just be carefull with the ham hands when taking the cable on and off. And as Dean said.. you do have to have much of the original stud in place for it to work. at least 3/4 of it tall, and most of the diameter.
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    172 gas Lugging under light load

    might be super lean, and / or running on reduced cylinders. Lean could be a fuel flow issue.. and may be why it is stalling under hydraulic load. Does some level of choke help it during these tests?
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    Ford 2000 Diesel Will Not Turn Over

    might be a bad connection with the safety switch to the solenoid. to pull the machine, you will have to throw traction disconnect. try pulling the starter and see if it spins out of the machine using a jump cable for ground. clean all switch connections.. reinstall.. check her out. starter...
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    Ford 600 carb help. Please

    reset main needle to about 2 turns out. idle needle to about 1,5 make sure that your choke flapper isn't stuck on full choke. make sure that you do not have oil in the water or water in the oil. start with fresh gas. what are you getting with that?
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    NAA versus 641

    performance wise.. the naa and 6xx are virtually identical. I think the hoe on the loader machine would be your ticket. the loader will ballance the hoe. i would try to make up some sort of subframe however. Leave the loaderless naa for running the mower. Besides.. the 6xx will have better...
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    Ford 3000 lift not lifting

    once you check the fluid, post back. does she have remotes?
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    4600 steering lash adjustments

    try mild heat and then penetrant. can you wire brush the threads? once you can get that nut loosened, you can try the sector adjustment.
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    Engine trouble- rolling pop start question

    if the engine is seized, find out why. could be hydraulic lock.
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    4 cyl 4000 - Starter - Does it need a spacer

    I wonder if he has the wrong plate?
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    Ford 5000 power steering problem

    was it empty to start with? why was it empty? has the engine been drinking it? Hows the filter?
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    Ford 600

    is your seat mounted to a more or less blank plate. if yes, as the others mentioned.. it could have either been deleted when the hoe was added, or was a *2 model when ordered.
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    641 Water in transmission and Hydraulics

    as you have been told, drain the wet sumps and replace. if it was me, the wet ones, I'd dump in a pint of alcohol and a quart of diesel and some atf fluid.. do a victory lap around the farm, then drain, then refill.

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