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    Year of NH disc mower

    Thanks for the info, I thought the first letter in the serial # might designate the year.
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    Year of NH disc mower

    I have a New Holland 462 disc mower and I am not able to determine the year of it which makes it difficult to order the right parts for it. The serial # is V2355. any help will be appreciated. TIA
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    Big machining project today

    I spend hours fixing something that is not worth $5 when i get done, but there is satisfaction that I fixed it. Guess that is the motive.
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    Disc Mower Curtain

    I contacted Haytools for my NH 462 curtain and was told they are out of stock and will not be resupplying.
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    Show and tell

    Below 20%
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    Picture of the day

    I never covered my wood pile just pile it with 2 skids under it and the bark side up. Always had good dry wood.
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    Disc mower oil

    Thank you
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    Disc mower oil

    What type oil is used in the older Kuhn disc mower cutter bar? GMD 66 is the model#
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    Wireless Trailer Rear View Camera

    I have been looking for something like that. Is the only wire needed to the backup light? does it have a display up front and is it wireless from the camera to the display?
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    Mystery padlock

    Thanks, it makes sense. Probably wont be very useful now (y)
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    Padlock identification

    Can anyone identify this little padlock and its intended use?
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    Mystery padlock

    Can anyone identify this little padlock and its intended use?
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    Brown and Sharpe Automatic Screw Machines

    Can you imagine the talent of the people who designed and built those first machines?
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    Automatic center punches

    I'v had several over the years some Starrett some other brands. They all have their moments of frustration.
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    Fuel tap turns

    I don't know about that one but all of mine open to a stop. You want to get a full flow.
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    What is it tool

    I think unc is right, I remember pouring lead around iron pipe joints for septic tank and drain pipes. We never had a tool like that but it would have been handy.
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    What is it tool

    Picked up this tool at a flea market, don't know what it was for but it looks handy to have. Made out of 5/8 hex stock, only marking is a small 6 stamped into a ground off spot on the side.
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    Electric vehicles and gas tax

    All my vehicles are gas or diesel and I pay tax on all the fuel I buy for them, Supposedly this money goes toward maintaining roads. How much do electric vehicles pay toward road maintenance? Seems like they should pay their fair share. It's around 25 cents a gallon on gas and 50 cents on diesel...
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    New stop/start feature

    Same on my 2020 kia soul
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    New tool for the wife

    BTW the old Kenmore dryer is still going strong.

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