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    Massey Ferguson 1155

    Just finished this 1155
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    1155 parts

    Any ideas where to buy valve cover gaskets for a 1155 Massey with 540 v8
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    1155 parts

    No longer available from agco
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    Silver mist paint

    Does anyone know of a spray can that is a good match for Agco silver mist for 1100 grill
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    1100 wiring

    Does anyone make a wiring harness for a M F 1100 diesel
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    High arch

    After they stopped the 180 they started making 175s in a regular version with 28 inch wheels or a row crop version with 38s the last couple of years of production.
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    M.F. 165 crankshaft

    I have a 165 gas with a continental 176 with a broken crankshaft. Where is the best place to buy a new one.
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    Massey Ferguson 1100 western

    I am looking at an 1100 western and am wondering how rare they are and the differences other than solid front axle, no 3 pt and rounded fenders. Does anyone reproduce the platform doors? Thanks
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    M.H. 44 diesel

    It has full flow from tank but when I first start it if I rev it up I can put it in road gear and ride brakes and it will pull like crazy and put out black smoke but as soon as I throttle it down it wont hardly pull its self and wont accelerate back up and dies. As always it will start right...
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    M.H. 44 diesel

    I have a 44 diesel with american bosch pump that starts instantly and accelerates the first time you open throttle but after that it barely opens up and ends up dying. Strangely after it dies it will instantly start right back up and accelerate once then back to running sluggish and dying...
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    I have had mine for 40 years and I still love it. 7000 hrs and engine has never been touched except for a head gasket which is pretty commom on the 318 engine. I rebuilt the multi power once and pto clutch pack once. If it is in good shape when you get it should last a long time. Very good on...
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    Massey Ferguson 65

    Does any one know exactly where the small ok quality assured decal on 50 and 60s go. Thanks
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    flint metalic paint

    I am going to be painting a 65 diesel and a 180 and am wondering where everyone has been getting their flint metalic gray paint for the chassis that would be a close match for the original. Thanks
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    Which T??-20 Should I Get

    Go with #1. Continental is a better engine
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    TE 20

    Almost 50 years ago my dad traded his TE 20 in on a 175 at St. Joseph Mo. It was his first brand new tractor and I am searching for it even though I know the chances are slim to none. Serial number is 66948 Thanks for any leads
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    TE 20

    Thanks for the info. I wish I could find his but it was traded for a 175 in 1969 but I do have the serial number I will list someday.
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    TE 20

    When I was a kid my dad had a TE 20. Now I see articles about TE 20 and TEA 20 what is the difference. Thanks
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    M.F. 180

    I am looking for a set of stabilizer bars for a M.F. 180. Anyone have some or know where to find them. I tried cooks in Clinton Mo and they were out. Thanks
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    MF 300 combine - is this a good place to ask questions?

    It is common for the clutch to stick I havent messed with one in years but I think you can loosen pressure plate bolts and get disc freed up
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    M.F. 180 seat

    Where is the best place to buy seat cushions for a 180. Parts book also shows 2 numbers 1032168m91 and 516074m91 and I dont see any difference. Any ideas

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