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    Field work done...

    Thanks for yours pics! I sure enjoy seeing your equipment and pictures of your farming. Nick
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    Building Character

    Reminds me of my days as a teen on the farm in eastern oregon. Hot days, heavy hay bales made by an old New Holland baler pulled by my 830. Picked lots of rocks also, man our farm was loaded with rocks!!! Ugh!!
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    1070 muffler

    I agree with you totally. Something can be said for back pressure around the valves. I know it affects turbo engines quite a lot with no backpressure. Non turbo, maybe not as much. They always seem to run smoother with a muffler, maybe it's just a noise thing! I guess I like everything I own...
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    1070 muffler

    I started my 830 after setting the valves with the muffler off. Wow, it was loud!!!
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    Combining oats and barley and baling

    Jon. I sure enjoy your pics of your Case machinery working. Thanks, Nick
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    730 case yes or no.

    Sounds like a good deal to me. I have an 830 diesel com ck but would love to get my hands on a 730 also. If you like tinkering and restoring that would be a good one. Nick
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    Needing a little hydraulic schooling

    I put a pto pump on my Case 830 with a du all loader and it works very well. The pto pump is simple and works well. If you want to know how to extend the shaft out of the back to run implements I figured that out too. If you decide to go this route give a shout and I will explain and send you...
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    Why a 150* thermostat?

    I also drill the 1\8 inch hole in the tin side of the stat. This has always worked well for me.
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    Tractor Information

    I have a 1966 Case 830, Model 831C. Wide adjustable front, row crop, Case o matic trans.
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    730 Diesel ignition switch ,..

    My 830 failed to start also. Had power at the small terminal on the solenoid, would not crank. Ended up being a bad solenoid.
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    1030 miss

    Jon, I have had excellent results using Marvel Mystery Oil. ATF is also good but does not burn clean like MMO. I put it in the fuel system and put it in the engine in place of a quart of oil occasionally. It really cleans well. A couple quarts in the fuel should do it. And it's pretty...
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    Progress on the 830 com

    Thanks for the photos and narrative Jon. I also have an 830 com. I enjoy listening to your posts. Best of luck finishing it up.. Nick
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    Look what i got

    Nice piece Jon. Looks like it will be handy around the farm. Nick
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    Case 800B exhaust manifold holes in bottom

    My 830 diesel has them also. After a short period of running they seal up.
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    Pulling 830 tach drive. Need some advice.

    Ah yes, now that makes sense. I will get her started next weekend and Make sure the drive spins. If it does i will order a new cable from John and pull it. Thanks Jon and everybody else who answered. You guys' experience keeps these old jewels running and productive. Nick
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    Pulling 830 tach drive. Need some advice.

    So I got my cable out of the drive and it measures .75 on the outside of the thread by 20 pitch thread. Trying to make a puller. Is this a bolt size? Can't seem to find anything other then nut size, looks like only castleated nuts. I have heard this is hydraulic hose fitting size? Any...
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    1965 Case 530C Draftomatic

    From what I have been told and anyone correct me if I am wrong. On my 830 com, I check the com fluid immediately after shutting off the tractor. Like within 10 secs. As the fluid will drain out of the converter and gives you a false reading of you wait too long. Nick
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    1965 Case 530C Draftomatic

    My 830 is a case o matic, draft o matic model. 1966 year. Nick
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    John Saeli Check is in the mail

    Wow! I had no idea it was that heavy. Thanks for the tip Chuck. Looking forward to your video! Thanka, Nick
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    John Saeli Check is in the mail

    Will the process be roughly the same?

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