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    Bad New Parts

    I don't know about you out there, but I have found that you cannot count on new parts working or lasting very long any more. Case in point, we got some snow last week and I started the Super H to plow out the driveway. It started right up and I drove it partly out of the shed to let it warm up...
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    Super C clutch pilot bearing

    I think I found out why the pilot bearing went bad. There were probably two reasons. First, one of the clutch fingers was almost 1/4 inch higher than the other 2 fingers. Secondly, I must have failed to lubricate it before I put it back in as it was completely dry. An issue I had on...
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    Cub bent input shaft, questions?

    I had to replace my Cub shaft when I restored mine several years. I think what happens is that the shaft goes directly into the transmission and when people take it apart the weight of the torque tube is supported by the shaft if you aren't careful and don't support it. On the other Farmalls...
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    Super C clutch pilot bearing

    I have a Super C that I completely restored several years ago. It only has a few hours on it since I only drive it in tractor shows and parades. At that time I put in a new pilot bearing and a rebuilt clutch. Anyway, I have been noticing a rattling when I push in the clutch and also get a...
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    International Farmall Cub Carburetor

    It all depend on if you want the tractor to be original. I restored a Cub several years ago that I bought at an auction that the person who owned it had modified the carb. He obviously didn't understand how a carburetor works as he wanted more power so he thought by boring out the throat of...
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    Belt Pulley Shaft Seal - '50 M

    Sorry about the rant, but putting two seals on the shaft is my pet peeve. All modern machinery only has one of the lip seals you are talking about. I have only put one seal on all my PTO shafts and never had a leak. Those old leather seals dried out and then leaked. They were made that thick...
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    Cub, woods mower belt question

    I also think you need a new belt. Those Woods mowers have the belt going through some real contortions as they go around all the pulleys. I have tried other brand belts on my Woods belly mower and the only ones that last more than a year are the Woods belts. However, they are expensive, but...
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    Voltage Regulator

    I recently replaced the voltage regulator on my Farmall MD because the old one quit working. The new regulator has a problem in that when I start the tractor it charges about 2 to 4 amps and then after the tractor has run for 10 to 15 minutes the charge goes up to 8 to 10 amps and stays there...
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    Battery Tender

    I always leave my tractors 6 volt if they were originally that. Apparently, there is a lot of variation in 6 volt battery costs. Here in western Wisconsin at Fleet Farm they are $60 with 24 month warranty. Many of my batteries are over 10 years old. I never have any problem starting my...
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    Deere and Mansur Corn Planter

    I am currently restoring a Model 9 Deere and Mansur planter. Found it while pheasant hunting in So Dak last fall and it is mostly all there. However, some parts were broken and missing. Anyone know if someone has one for parts? I need the left marker mounting bracket and the wheel scrapper...
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    M photo

    That is an IH Model 31. I have one and so does my son. You can purchase a manual for it as I have one.
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    Just bought old 6-12 Allis Chalmers

    It has the LeRoi engine. The guy that rebuilt the engine did some serious work on it in that he rebuilt the crankshaft, camshaft, bought special made rings, and other things to rebuild the engine (also spent a lot of money). Then he painted the whole tractor, but looks like he just painted...
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    Just bought old 6-12 Allis Chalmers

    I just bought an Allis Chalmers 6-12 tractor. This is my first real old tractor as my oldest one I have now is 1944. Does anyone have a source of information on that tractor. I have looked on the internet, but I know that tractor collectors have other sources. I would like some kind of a...
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    Will a 240 run a rototiller?

    Certainly if you are buying a tractor for use on a rototiller you should get one with a slow speed. But, I have a 6 foot rototiller on my Super H and it works fine. You just have to go over the ground a couple of times. So in the long run it takes the same amount of time at 1 mph vs 2+ mph...
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    Water leak on farmall 100

    Are you torquing the head bolts to 80 foot pounds?
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    Farmall A Grill tools

    Once you have used the grill straightening tools you will never try to do it by hand. I used to spend hours and hours trying to get the grill ribs straight with a sheet metal vise grip and piece of flat iron. Since I have been using the grill straightening tools I have near perfect results in...
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    Roll Pin in Dead End Hole

    Turns out those IH engineers were smarter than my first impression. They used the exact right length roll pin so you could drive it in and the whole roll pin fit in the shaft. So I just drove the roll pin in and pulled the shaft out. Then just drove the roll pin out of the shaft on the bench.
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    It just goes to show how bad sunlight is on tires. I bought my Super H on my folks farm sale back in 1978. The right back tire was brand new, the left back tire had a lot of weather checking (my dad left the tractor outside a lot), one front tire was new and I replaced the other so it was new...
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    Roll Pin in Dead End Hole

    I just bought a nice fast hitch for my 350 diesel. Been looking for one for several years. I am disassembling it for repair and painting. The arm that the cylinder attaches to has a pin held in with a roll pin in a dead end hole. Is there any trick to getting that roll pin out other than...
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    Unintended Tractor Split

    There are a lot of other loaders that are more prone to breaking the tractor in two than the Model 30 and 31. The large cage Farmhand loaders were famous for that as several of our neighbors broke their tractors in two. The rear mount was such that it put a lot of force on the center of the...

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