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  1. olddavid

    TO-30 Alternate exhaust routing

    Or you could do this. This is on a TE-20 but a TO-30 version is available at Yesterday's Tractors for $92.
  2. olddavid

    My tractor is STUCK

    Or you can hope for an early freeze next fall. Sorry. 😐
  3. olddavid

    1951 8N 12 Volt Conversion - starter button

    There may be another reason the safety shifter switch was bypassed. You will need to check it. You have a reasonably safe setup already as the push button start switch goes through the ignition switch. Just be sure you are always in the tractor seat when you try to start it. If you pull the...
  4. olddavid

    Gravity feed for Fuel Injection?

    As has been said, that won't work on fuel injection. It would work fine on a carbureted car. You would have to put some kind of pressure booster in line with the gas line. In short it would be risky. Safer to just push it in and out.
  5. olddavid

    ride on mower blades revisited

    For those with simple ignition systems make sure that the engine won't turn over as you work. The blade drive should be disengaged. Better still, unhook the spark plug(s). You don't want and accidental hit while you are working with those blades.
  6. olddavid

    ride on mower blades revisited

    I have not done a zero turn but the MTD decks aren't terribly difficult to get off. It does make changing the blades easier. I have gotten them off without taking the deck off or raising the mower by raising the deck to the highest position, blocking the blade and more or less by feel getting...
  7. olddavid

    sediment bowl gasket

    I've made them before using the sediment bowl as a pattern. Cork isn't the best but it will work.
  8. olddavid

    Repairing a battery post

    That's good to know. Thanks!
  9. olddavid

    Repairing a battery post

    Agreed. And I don't think all (if any) of those adapters pictured are for a starter load. They often just say for charging.
  10. olddavid

    1947 C Allis-Chalmers does not want to start

    A bad bendix can keep the starter engaged with the flywheel but if it was smoking I would look at the starter switch.
  11. olddavid

    1947 C Allis-Chalmers does not want to start

    Did the starter switch weld and keep the starter engaged? They won't take that for very long and will probably make some noise.
  12. olddavid

    Yet another TO20 mystery

    Yes, I think it will work but if someone else works on it they'll have fun figuring it out. After you've slept a few times it might be you. :)
  13. olddavid

    Yet another TO20 mystery

    Well, it does make a difference. The cylinders number front to back. #1 is the key to timing the tractor. If you do it using #4 you are out of luck. The plug wires have to be in the right holes in the distributor to fire correctly and that is determined by the firing order. Edit: sorry I...
  14. olddavid

    Weak Spark at High Engine Speeds

    I would get it running with points first. Maybe your original problem was what took out the electronic ignition, not the wires. New wires (or borrowed) are certainly worth a try. Of course, once you get it running with points why go back to the electronic ignition? :)
  15. olddavid

    Electrical Mystery. Wits End

    Thanks for your kind words and I'm glad you figured it out. :)
  16. olddavid

    Electrical Mystery. Wits End

    Yes, thanks for letting us know. I was wondering.
  17. olddavid

    Mf175 wont move kills engine

    I think minor09 may have it. I had that experience with a MF50.
  18. olddavid

    1947 C Allis-Chalmers does not want to start

    When you hear the "puttering" noise is it at full choke? I remember our "C" doing that. They do flood pretty easily esp. when hot. The 6-volt starter will last a long time with 12 volts on it and it will start better with 12 volts. Dad's did. Have you got spark to the plugs? Pull a plug...
  19. olddavid

    Grinding gears

    Could be a little rust got on the splines and the clutch isn't sliding away from the flywheel or the clutch is sticking to the flywheel. Had a new '73 Chevy Vega with similar issues. If I put it in a higher gear it would release but grind in low and wouldn't go in. Only did it when cold and I...
  20. olddavid

    Electrical Mystery. Wits End

    You are very welcome. Sounds like you have covered everything except the cause. I'm at a loss. 🙃

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