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    Super Series Production Numbers

    According to the May/June 2012 issue of the HPOCA magazine, 65 Super 77 standards were produced. 787 Super 88 standards were produced. Then, According to the January/February 2019 issue of the HPOCA magazine, 84 Super 77 row crop/standards were produced. 28 were green wheel and 56 were red...
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    super 44-440

    What part of a 440 do you want to see? The frame? I have one apart, but a bunch of parts got stacked on top of it.
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    Oliver super 44 serial number question

    Floyd County Museum in Charles City Ia. They did this same thing for my 440.
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    You could try part # 14H920 at your local John Deere Dealer. I know, It's not the correct color green but that one should work.
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    Oliver 66 industrial

    It might have been that the 2 pad frame was the replacement? My 4 pad frame is busted up where the rear of the wishbone bolts up. I heard, many years ago, that those frames were the weak point of these tractors. The casting is very thin where that rear mount bolts up.
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    Oliver 66 industrial

    I finally got out to get pictures. The standard has 1 set of mounting pads. The industrial has 2 sets.
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    Oliver 66 industrial

    My 66 industrial is like this one. This one is decaled as a super 66, but I doubt if it actually is a super. My serial number is 462057 C66E which puts it as a 1950 model. It's definitely not a super. I'll try to get a picture of mine over the weekend. I know that these frames were very...
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    Oliver 66 industrial

    It is a fleetline 66 industrial. I also have a standard 66 & it only has 1 mounting pad on each side of the frame. I'm at work now, I'll look to see if I have any pictures of it on my phone.
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    Oliver 66 industrial

    I'm not sure if all industrials had this or not but my 66 industrial has an extra set of mounting pads cast into the frame. 2 mounting pads per side.
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    1550 Holley Distibutor

    Korves has a Delco style replacement distributor. I put one on my 4-78FL last fall & worked great.
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    1954-55 Oliver Super 88 decal placement

    One gas and one diesel. These two tractors have the decal placement pretty much correct. Also a couple factory photos. Hope that helps. Photos are not mine and are just for reference.
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    Re: Fleetline changes

    I know that the 77 that my grandfather bought new never had the front frame swapped out (it has never left our family). I cant say with the ugly 77. I do see that you have the yellow side decals, which I believe is correct. Like was mentioned earlier, I'm wondering if the earlier 1951 models...
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    Re: Fleetline changes

    Maybe not all 1951 models had the short stripe? The ugly 77 is serial # 347664 & the other was bought by my grandfather new in 1951 serial # 347429. Both tractors have the short stripe & band brakes.
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    Re: Fleetline changes

    A couple more changes that I know of is pre 1951 should have a raised yellow stripe on the sides of the front frame. 1951 and on, the yellow stops at the rear of the grill halves. The other difference is the position of the shift lever for the belt pulley gearcase. Early models were in the...
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    1850 LP intake manifold

    The one I have is completely different.
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    Oliver 1800 fwa

    We had an 1800A MFWD. I know where another one is. Our serial numbers were 5 apart from each other. I went to the Floyd County Museum to look through the build cards. I had a batch of 13 cards in my hands, 1 of the 13 was marked "Road Roller". The other 12 cards the specs were virtually...
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    Plow question for 770-880 tractors

    I bought one last summer for my 770. I still had these pictures on my phone.
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    Oliver 1850 LP

    I have one. I don't know if it was a one owner or not. Engine is tight from sitting. I know of 2 more wheatland models.
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    2155 in MO

    I'm pretty sure this is how the models equal out. MM G-1350 = Oliver 2155. These were all MM built, front & back. MM G-1050 = Oliver 2055. MM built. MM G-950 = Oliver 1865. MM built. Next series: MM G-1355 = Oliver G-1355. I think it was also marketed as a White 2270. MM built front & Oliver...

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