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  1. Dennis P

    UTS clutch

    What size rivets are used for the clutch disks?
  2. Dennis P

    How much gear oil?

    I have a MM UTS that I am building for a puller. The tranny/rear end takes 52qts to fill. I want to save weight and don’t want to run that much but how much do I need to run safely? Thanks in advance!
  3. Dennis P

    R transmission bearings

    I don’t have any numbers for you, but a local industrial bearing outlet came up with them for me. I don’t know where you are at, but Powerhouse Ind. in Springdale, AR has always helped me. I buy all my bearings and seals from them.
  4. Dennis P

    1948 MM UTU 4.625x6.625 Crankshaft help needed!!

    You need to measure the width of a g rod To determine the correct amount to remove. Seems to me that I took .063 off each side of my 283 rod.
  5. Dennis P

    fork lift question

    This is your serial number. A3d is series, 7016 is number built, j is the year.
  6. Dennis P

    fork lift question

    By the way, if it’s a power shift, it may run 80-90 filled through the differential. This if it has a clutch and manual transmission.
  7. Dennis P

    fork lift question

    Not knowing which model it is makes it a little hard. Is there a screw on vent cap on top of trans? If there is, it may be part of that. Old hysters used either atf or universal tractor fluid. Even new lifts use j20c John Deere fluid.
  8. Dennis P

    MMU radiator

    Wanting to put an aluminum radiator in my MMU. Is there an off the shelf radiator that I can buy? I realize I will have to do some fancy plumbing and mounting to hook it up. I have been looking at a model A style radiator. Any ideas?
  9. Dennis P

    moline engines

    If you use the 5 star jugs, you can have the 403 crank turned to get a 6 1/8 stroke with u journals and buy 4.81 pistons. Then you need the u-rods and have the sides machined to match the 403 rod width. Least that's my understanding. Looking at doing that myself. Gives you a 445cid motor...
  10. Dennis P

    Hobart 135 handler

    While using this welder, it would strike an arc when the wire touched the metal without switch being activated. If machine is turned off, it still tries to strike an arc. I am guessing it is a relay on the circuit control board. If this is correct 1) which relay 2) can I buy just the relay 3) or...
  11. Dennis P

    Charlie biler

    Is Charlie still in business? I tried his e-mail but got no reply and his website never seems to change.
  12. Dennis P

    Bearing size

    I pulled the bearing shell out of a 403 and it is marked Clevite. L2 64. MB1632B. Is this a standard size bearing or what? Thanks!
  13. Dennis P

    G thermostat

    I don't know if it is different than a U, but I go to a parts house and get one for an older ford.
  14. Dennis P

    C135 pistons

    I have a c135 stationary engine that I want to rebuild and stick in my super c. If I understand correctly, it is a 3.250 bore with no sleeve. What are my overbore options? Thanks in advance!
  15. Dennis P

    Harrison, AR pull

    NW AR Rusty Wheels will be having a pull October 14th at 1:00. No hook fee. 5730 US 65 South, Harrison, AR. 870-577-0962 for info.
  16. Dennis P

    Cylinder Wall Scoring

    If you are going to buy new pistons anyway, bore it and install oversized pistons and remove all doubt.
  17. Dennis P

    DLTX 67 carburetor float hole

    JB weld
  18. Dennis P

    H head gasket

    Has he said why it needs only a gasket? Could be a deep dive before your done!
  19. Dennis P


    I haven't ordered any manuals in a long time from them, but I would try Jensales. I bought a service, parts, and operators manual for another brand.
  20. Dennis P

    206 Engine gaskets

    For one thing, it depends on if it is an overhead or side valve 206 engine.

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